White Paper of Sanitation Industry Internet Platform (2020) is Now Available

The development of the industrial Internet is an important cornerstone of the fourth industrial revolution. The Industrial Internet is a new industrial ecology in which a new generation of information technology is deeply integrated with the industrial economy, which can promote productivity change, thus reducing production costs and achieving more efficient and high-quality production.

Recently, led by the China Association of Urban Environmental Sanitation (hereinafter referred to as “CAUES”), and under the guidance of a number of industry leaders and experts, the first white paper of the sanitation industry – White Paper of Sanitation Industry Internet Platform (2020) was officially released, which is a symbol of the integration of the industrial Internet and the sanitation industry.

The white paper is based on the national development strategy of smartization and networking and the actual situation and development trend of the sanitation industry, and is a thematic research report written after a year’s investigation and research. It aims to call on all sectors of the society to pay attention to the policy research, technical input, standard construction and service application of the intelligent + sanitation industry, and jointly promote the innovative development of the sanitation industry.

White Paper of Sanitation Industry Internet Platform (2020)

The white paper consists of seven sections: Preface, The Current Situation, Platforms, Structure, Design, Standards and Recommendations. By studying the current situation of the smartization of the sanitation industry, the concept of an Internet platform for the sanitation industry is put forward, the relationship with related industries is sorted out and a grand blueprint for an Internet platform for the sanitation industry is described. At the same time, based on the prospective needs of innovative technology and industrial development, a relevant standard system for the Internet platform for sanitation industry is proposed, in order to provide technical support for the platform’s ground application and strategic deployment, and to clarify ideas for the next step of implementation.

The internet platform for the sanitation industry is a cloud platform for the digital, networked and smartized needs of the sanitation industry, which can build a service system based on massive data collection, aggregation and analysis, thus supporting the ubiquitous connection, flexible supply and efficient allocation of industrial resources. The Internet platform for the sanitation industry is a new infrastructure for vertical industries in the digital era, which should be built under the leadership of outstanding enterprises in the industry and provided to the majority of practitioners in the industrial ecology in the form of a sharing economy. From the perspective of the whole industry chain, it can integrate resources and optimise the value chain, reduce industrial operating costs, improve the quality and efficiency of the whole industry operation, and create better experience and social value for customers by taking advantage of the new industrial ecology.

The Internet platform for the sanitation industry proposed in the white paper is based on the core of “creating new value”, and pioneers the profit model of “sharing and synergy” and the construction model of “big platform + multi-centre”. All the platform subjects follow the principle of co-creation and sharing of user value, and operate in a way of dividing and increasing efficiency to achieve cost reduction and increase revenue for end users and improve quality of service. Qingdao Guozhen Smart Technology Co., the leader of the platform, actively responded to the call of the CAUES, and took the initiative to take charge of the platform’s early development and late co-ordination work. Under the guidance of the Smart Sanitation Professional Committee, it organises the best companies in sub-sectors as central leaders in the construction and application of the internet platform.

As the sanitation industry covers a wide range of areas, the white paper focuses on the detailed research and design of domestic waste classification and recycling, sweeping, transportation and treatment, etc. China Association of Urban Sanitation Smart Sanitation Professional Committee will continue to carry out in-depth research in other sub-sectors, and the presentation and publication of research results will be improved in accordance with the guidelines of the authorities of the industry. We will listen to the suggestions of professionals from all walks of life and make the results available to the whole industry, so please stay tuned.

Access to the white paperhttp://www.eiiplat.com/#/Information/info

Contents of the White Paper

Chapter 1 Preface

1.1 Background Analysis

1.2 Objectives and Significance

Chapter 2: The Current Situation

2.1 Policy Support

2.2 Main Achievements

2.3 Opportunities and Challenges

Chapter 3 Platforms

3.1 Concepts and Boundaries

3.2 Subject Relations

3.3 User System

3.4 Construction Models

3.5 Profit Models

3.6 Implementation Plan

Chapter 4 Structure

4.1 Structural Contents

4.2 Edge layer

4.3 IaaS Layer

4.4 PaaS Layer

4.5 SaaS Layer

4.6 Security

Chapter 5 Standards

5.1 General Conditions

5.2 Standard Systems

5.3 Implementation paths

Chapter 6 Applications

6.1 Waste Separation and Recycling

6.2 Waste Collection and Removal

6.3 Waste disposal and utilisation

Chapter 7 Recommendations

7.1 Government

7.2 Enterprises

7.3 Other Recommendations

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