Purpose-Driven Companies Inspire Greater Customer Loyalty

LOS ANGELES, CA – Dec 21, 2020 – Modern consumers desire relationships with brands that go beyond the purely transactional. While quality and cost remain primary motivations for customer loyalty, today’s consumers increasingly believe the brands they support should be committed to a purpose other than profit. In an era of heightened consumer expectations, companies committed to making a positive impact on society distinguish themselves by emotionally connecting with an increasingly discerning public. 

The implications of this dynamic are myriad. Not only are consumers more likely to support a purpose-driven company over a traditional brand selling a comparable product, but they are also far more likely to promote that company in their personal lives and on social media. Additionally, companies that share the same values as their customers inspire an inherently more loyal customer base compared to those seeking loyalty through quality and cost alone. These trends in consumer preference are not simply anecdotal; for example, a 2018 study conducted by public relations and marketing firm, Cone, found the following: 

  • 79% of Americans say they are more loyal to purpose-driven brands than traditional brands.
  • 78% of consumers believe it is no longer acceptable for companies to exclusively seek profit.
  • 78% of Americans would tell others to buy products from purpose-driven companies and 73% would share stories or information about that company. 
  • 57% of consumers would pay more for a product produced by a company committed to a cause. 

A company inspiring customer loyalty through their commitment to a worthy cause is coffee alternative, MUDWTR. Since opening in 2018, the Venice Beach, CA based company has garnered support from tens of thousands of customers across the U.S. with their wholly organic product that increases energy and focus and contains 1/7th the caffeine of regular coffee. Last year, MUDWTR founder and CEO, Shane Heath, began work on a project to give voice to the homeless population in the Venice Beach area. 

Heath is a talented artist in a variety of mediums and has had his work displayed both domestically and internationally. Utilizing his artistic sensibilities and the content arm of MUDWTR, Heath is cultivating a diverse community of advocates for Venice Beach’s homeless, spanning from professional athletes to creatives and entrepreneurs. The CEO described his vision for this community of advocates during an interview on the Meb Faber Show earlier this year.

“[We want the community] operating outside the confines of the Cookie Cutter by featuring [community members] and letting the community internally start to blossom.”

MUDWTR’s advocacy for the homeless population in the Venice Beach area continues amid the COVID-19 pandemic. In October, Heath spent a day at the Felker Street Homeless Camp in Santa Cruz with Footbridge Services Center founder, Brent Adams. Adams’ organization is focused on providing the area’s homeless with critical necessities that are frequently overlooked by other non-profit organizations, namely – storage, laundry, and bathing facilities.

Information about the work of Footbridge Services Center and how to donate to the organization can be found here. Interested individuals can keep up with MUDWTR’s advocacy efforts and explore their selection of products on https://mudwtr.com/

MUDWTR™ is a coffee alternative consisting of organic ingredients lauded by cultures old and young for their health and performance benefits. With 1/7th the caffeine of coffee, Mud gives you natural energy, focus and more without the jitters and crash.

Additional information is available at https://mudwtr.com/, on Twitter, @drinkmudwtr, YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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