Real Estate Expert Carol Glover Reveals Strategies for Turning Home Equity Into an Income-Producing Asset on Inspired Living TV

Real Estate Expert Carol Glover was the featured guest on Inspired Living TV with host Kerri Murphy discussing strategies for unlocking home equity.

Real Estate Expert Carol Glover Reveals Strategies for Turning Home Equity Into an Income-Producing Asset on Inspired Living TV

The American Dream of homeownership can become a nightmare for some, especially for retired, empty nesters who may feel stuck in a home that no longer serves their needs in this stage of life.

On a recent episode of Inspired Living TV with host Kerri Murphy, Real Estate Expert Carol Glover discussed ways a homeowner can move equity that’s been trapped in their house to create a residual stream of income and build wealth for their retirement and beyond.

Sharing with Murphy how her love for real estate began at a young age watching her parent’s first investment success, Glover said, “I grew up with my mom and dad, and they started right after World War II. Their first deal was to buy a little duplex, and they started fixing and polishing it up. They were the original flippers… this neighbor kept coming over and saying, ‘I want that duplex.’ And they said no, it’s not for sale. But he persisted, and after five times, they finally sold it to him because the price kept going up every time he offered. That was a light bulb for them. They started on a lifetime of buying, investing, fixing, and adjusting their portfolio. They truly live the American dream to buy, build your equity, move up to the next property, and build your retirement.”

Seeing her parents turn little, beleaguered pieces of property into nice homes for families and lucrative investments for themselves continues to fuel Glover’s passion as a real estate broker, investor, and attorney.

Listen in as Glover shares several examples of how she is helping homeowners overcome the fears and misconceptions that make them feel trapped in a home that no longer fits their lifestyle.

With a career spanning 30 years, Glover’s innovative strategies for using real estate to build equity and invest for retirement have been life-changing for many of her clients.

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About Carol Glover

Carol has been handling real estate sales/transactions since 1983. As a broker, real estate attorney, co-owner of a residential rehabilitation/development company and a property management company, Carol has handled just about every type and size of real estate transaction. Her background in real estate, corporate and trust/probate law taught her the ‘how- to’s’ of real estate, now leaving her the time to focus on client service and deal creation. Her vast experience enables her to analyze deals from multiple angles. A lifelong resident of Manhattan Beach, she also volunteers at the MB Chamber, Leadership MB, and the City of MB and is a frequent public speaker. After graduating from Mira Costa, she earned her BA at the University of California, Irvine and her JD at Loyola Law School.

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