Northeastern Solar Powerhouse Helps Americans Save Millions during Pandemic Hard Times

Northeastern Solar Powerhouse Helps Americans Save Millions during Pandemic Hard Times

As debilitating and traumatizing the current pandemic is to individuals, businesses, and today’s society, it was also able to shed light on what truly matters and who is leading the charge of ensuring that what matters are protected and saved.

Phoenix Energy is one such leader. This solar energy powerhouse pivoted its business to answer the call of help from the millions of lives endangered by the outbreak.

The company is led by a perfect duo of experts at business, marketing, sales, and innovative training. Christopher and Justin Gordnick are two brothers with an intimate knowledge of the grueling life of door-to-door sales. Their road to the summit of the business space began when Christopher, the eldest, brought his brother into a lucrative sales company. It is not a surprise that Justin climbed aboard as his inclination for entrepreneurship dates back to fourth grade when he built his own door to door company by going house to house and selling newspapers and doing other odd jobs.

Years later, the high-growth Phoenix Energy has risen, establishing itself as an authority in solar energy. 

On a broader perspective, more significant than the fact that Phoenix Energy has installed thousands of homes a year with clean, renewable energy is the way they have raised awareness about the benefits of going solar. Going solar reduces one’s bill by up to 80%, and this is how Phoenix Energy has helped individuals and families achieve thousands of dollars in savings. Furthermore, resorting to solar means has also been proven to add thousands to one’s home’s resale value. In fact, for every kilowatt installed, one’s home value could have an additional increase of $5,900. It is also a form of protection against the rising cost of energy in America caused by inflation, poor infrastructure, and greedy energy companies. And more than anything else, living greener contributes to the reduction of one’s carbon footprint, offsetting carbon dioxide and destructive gasses that are produced elsewhere. 

The success of Phoenix Energy has enabled them to expand into new regions, allowing them to cater to more clients. And during the recent COVID-19 outbreak, the company’s prowess and humanitarian leadership were also felt in other sectors as they redirected their focus into procuring personal protective equipment or PPE.

Banking on their resources and networks, Phoenix Energy lent a hand in saving countless lives by assisting domestic and international governments and first responders in acquiring millions of masks and gloves. 

With Christopher and Justin at the helm, the socially responsible individuals that make up this solar powerhouse tapped contacts from the film industry, private brokerage groups, and more to put money together and assist hospitals in need of PPE. Recognizing how essential it is for frontliners and responders to have the necessary tools to fight the pandemic, Phoenix Energy shifted some of its employees to get in touch with purchasing departments of various hospitals.

By stepping up to help and supplying first responders, governments, and medical workers with PPE, Phoenix Energy was able to demonstrate that they hustle not just in saving people thousands of dollars through solar panel installation. They exert the same effectiveness and efficiency when it comes to saving lives. 

Learn more about Phoenix Energy’s continuous commitment to leading the industry and giving aid to those in need through their website.

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