Chiara Magni: Soaring Italian Artist Evokes Multitude of Emotions Through Her Distinctive Painting Style, Bright Expressionism

Chiara Magni: Soaring Italian Artist Evokes Multitude of Emotions Through Her Distinctive Painting Style, Bright Expressionism

With one of her paintings recently featured in British Vogue Magazine’s December 2020 issue, it is undeniable that Chiara Magni is a force to be reckoned with in the Italian art scene. The brilliant painter captivates the eyes and hearts of many art connoisseurs with her unique approach to painting. Today, she takes the industry by storm as she continues to use her artistic eyes and creative hands in evoking a multitude of emotions among her audience.

Chiara Magni is a professional Italian painter based in Lake Garda, Italy. Her passion for art began at the early age of nine when she first started painting with oils. Growing up, she invested in her artistic gift and took the time to master all common painting mediums. Later, she decided to explore unconventional painting methods but found herself always coming back to oil painting. For Chiara, oil painting was the only medium that gave her the ability to express herself most creatively. By 2014, she started to paint professionally. Since then, she has not stopped putting her heart into every piece she creates.

As an artist, she takes on a unique painting method heavily focused on strong colors and vibrant chromatic ideas. She creates luxury art pieces closely comparable to Van Gogh’s famous “Starry Night,” with a twist in bringing out vibrant colors. During her early years of painting, she found that none of the existing painting styles fit her properly. Not wanting to offend art masters by labeling herself with an inaccurate term, she decided to take the time and delve deeper into her craft to understand her style. Eventually, Chiara Magni coined the term Bright Expressionism to refer to her distinctive painting style, marking the emergence of a new painting approach. “I wanted to find a meeting point between Impressionism and Expressionism,” shared the painter.

Much of her art pieces focus on dramatic scenes from nature, capturing the beauty of sunsets, sunrise, and the night skies. Many of her work also includes animals, plants, flowers, and more. In fact, her “Prince” painting, featured in Vogue, depicted a fierce peacock showing off its feathers and the beautiful array of colors it possesses. 

At present, Chiara Magni has touched the lives of many art collectors from all over the world. Her artwork has also been featured in several publications. As she reaches more milestones in the art arena, her presence in the community also continues to radiate. On Instagram alone, she has already amassed nearly 50,000 followers.

For Chiara Magni, she is not focused on attaining realism or perfection. Instead, her art centers on bringing out authentic emotions and positive energy. “I put a lot of love and commitment into what I do. For me, it’s very important to bring joy to the homes of my collectors. Likewise, it is important for me to inspire a new generation of young artists,” she expresses.

To know more about Chiara Magni, you may check out her official website, Instagram, and Facebook.

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