Cool Air USA Solutions Improve Air Quality and Addresses COVID-19 Infections

Lauderhill, FL – Jan 26, 2021 – Air quality is important at any time of the year, not just during the winter flu months and the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the essential nature of maintaining indoor air quality to sterilize your HVAC system from various viruses, contaminants, and possible growth. The team of experts at Cool Air USA are essential workers and are working around the clock to help customers ensure their homes and businesses have access to cool, clean, and healthy air.

Cool Air USA is offering a variety of coupons and promotions for new and returning customers. Savings are available on tune-ups, repairs, cleaning and new installations. Individuals can receive free, no-obligation quotes for all of their cooling needs. The company offers a variety of name brand products for which individuals can shop by tonnage, EER rating, or SEER rating.

Studies from Harvard, the EPA and CDC have demonstrated that poor air quality is a factor in the spread of COVID-19. Ventilation within a structure, HVAC systems, and even a structure’s layout and design can increase the potential for spreading the virus. Those factors are critical elements for at-risk populations with a depressed immune system, undergoing cancer treatments, and those that have respiratory conditions.

Individuals can significantly improve their air quality by ensuring air conditioning units are working at peak efficiency and filtering the air that’s circulating throughout the home or business. Cool Air USA has a variety of methods available to help improve and maintain indoor air quality to sterilize and sanitize your HVAC system from various viruses, contaminants, and bacteria that cause various illnesses.

Cool Air USA offers ultraviolet lighting systems, air scrubbers, plasma generators and other air quality products that are effective in reducing the levels of bacteria, viruses, and growth in the environment. Options are available to meet multiple needs. Ductwork cleaning and ductwork restoration are available as part of an effective strategy for minimizing dirt, biologics and other contaminants from spreading throughout any structure

There are dozens of viruses, bacteria, and growth that can inhabit structures that cause illness, including COVID-19. Cool Air USA installs air conditioning units, offers cleaning, repair, and restoration services that are designed to significantly improve air quality and aid in preventing the spread of COVID-19.

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Cool Air USA is a family owned and operated business since 2009, serving customers throughout South Florida. They are dedicated to providing the best air conditioning, repair, air conditioning installation, indoor air quality, and pool heating services. Their team of experienced and licensed professionals work around the clock to ensure that the customers receive timely and satisfactory service.

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