Provides a Safe Option for Ordering Birth Certificates During Covid Lockdowns offers an easy solution to order birth certificates and other vital record replacements with a secure system that can be used entirely from home.

As lockdowns continue amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, a few state health departments are trying to remain open to the public. Most health departments are relying on mail-in services, and those that are open may be available by appointment only, or experience long wait times.

The implementation of the Real ID Act increased the demand on state health departments, but they’ve been impacted further since the first COVID-19 shutdowns in March 2020. COVID-related deaths have required more death certificate replacements, but they’re not the only cause for added pressure. Rejected applications are contributing to further delays in processing and shipping. is helping relieve that pressure by providing a safe, quick alternative.

When state Health Departments receive an application submission which is filled-out incorrectly or incomplete, it’s rejected and non-refundable processing fees are charged to fix any mistakes, make changes or complete missing information. Declined applications slow down processing times, one of the main reasons someone might not get their application approved. VRO helps to eliminate rejections due to mistakes or missing information by ensuring their customers gather the required documentation.

Over 500,000 people have successfully obtained certified copies of their birth, death and marriage certificates using since 2016. Their intelligent system uses a managed database of applications and requirements for over 4,000 municipalities in all 50 states, ensuring users provide the correct application forms, required documents, and submit an error-free application to the correct health department.

With many opting to stay home and utilize virtual services, is the perfect solution. Their premium services allow customers to obtain certified copies of birth quickly, death, or marriage certificates through online applications. VRO utilizes secure storage technologies and encryption for handling user documents during the order process. Excellent cybersecurity is just one aspect of why so many use this trusted online service. VRO states that “one of our top priorities is customer satisfaction”, as the company provides prompt, informed live support 365 days a year. Using the VRO system is simple, quick and guarantees success with every vital records application.

Anyone who’s dealt with the stress of obtaining rushed travel documents or meeting school enrollment deadlines knows the importance of getting documents replaced quickly. VRO’s rush shipping option takes this into account, offering customers the ability to bypass lengthy processing times and receive their vital records fast. always answers calls within 5 minutes, allowing users to skip the health department’s recent higher call volumes and wait times.

The database includes all of the information needed to order a certified copy of vital records. Their service is ideal for those with complex circumstances such as being born abroad or adopted, which can pose challenges when obtaining proof of birth or other vital records. Using saves time and money, ensuring applications are not rejected. From birth certificates to marriage licenses, VRO’s team can assist in replacing the vital records needed for all of life’s moments.

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