Unmissable Spring Trends From Lavari Jewelers

Luxury Jewelry For Women Spring 2021.

Everyone knows that the best time to show off body jewelry is during the warmer months, so with spring approaching it’s the perfect moment to stock up on new signature pieces. After all, no vacation plan is complete without a new look to stun your friends on the beach!

Belly rings are going to be a big deal during spring 2021, because the joy of coming out to enjoy the warm weather is going to make everyone want to bare some belly skin! A lot of people won’t have been outside for a while, so it’ll feel decadent and free to go out in a top mount white gold belly ring for a summer party.

Barbecues and other events with loved ones are a great moment to show off a belly ring, and not just because they’re safer than bigger concerts! Anyone who’s been sticking to their ab workout is going to want to give their best friends a peek at their #progress.

The more classic body jewelry signatures are going to be big during spring 2021 too — after all, it’s not really spring without a new nose ring! This year’s nose rings are more low key than what might come to mind when one thinks of typical nose ring looks. Think small and special for this year’s nose rings!

A more simple, subtle look like a round diamond nose ring in white gold will bring some captivating sparkle to anyone’s face without giving people too much to take in. Instead of dazzling an audience, the key is to draw the eye without overdoing it. The smaller touches are everything right now.

When it comes to more socially conscious trends, pendants that show off the wearer’s beliefs are super hot this spring. Everyone has been taking more time to consider who they are and what they think, and they’re ready to show off what they’ve come up with!

So what does that mean for the socially conscious fashionista? Wearing a diamond safety pin pendant can show allyship with social justice movements, for instance. At a party, a beach hang, or a march, that kind of bold style choice is what spring 2021 is all about.

By the time spring 2021 rolls around, these bold belly rings, simple nose rings, and inspiring pendants are going to be everywhere. Then when summer 2021 is ending, they’ll be in everyone’s social media pictures as people remember the hottest trends of the year!

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