Slater Lighting brings Lighting Drama and Style to Voodoo Bayou Restaurant

Slater lighting creates modern and unique lighting concepts with state of the art lighting accessories with quality commitment.

Lighting can create an atmosphere much more than furniture or an accessory can; it recreates unique sensations and experiences. Great lighting creates depth and height, cozy spots, and draws attention to your most impressive areas. Proper lighting design can provide the right ambiance to a surrounding, whether a professional or personal space. Just the right amount of color and luminosity can work wonders. Striking the right balance between these two elements to create desirable lighting is essential. The direction of lighting can be used to fill the empty spaces in a room or to highlight a certain element.

Chandeliers or similar elements add a pretty look to the room as well as help in the central distribution of light from above, which works well in creating a beautiful ambiance. Lights hung on the wall or ceiling help in spreading the light and are more practical. Devices like table lamps are useful in highlighting certain elements and are more useful when it comes to workspaces. Finding the right wholesale lighting agency can help turn a dull space into an attractive intimate space.

Slater Lighting is a well-known U.S based wholesale lighting sales agency featuring some of the finest suppliers of commercial and residential lighting in the world. Slater Lighting specializes in the Florida market and operates on several projects including industrial, residential, hospitality, architecture, and specialty. Their lighting consultant offers house photometric analyses and can acquire wind load estimates for jobs that need it.

They believe that lighting is everything as it creates atmosphere, drama, and intrigue in a room. They are working with a goal to brighten the world with excellent lighting solutions and genuine relationships based on trust, integrity, and service. All of their exquisite past projects are available on their website with a range of lighting accessories and manufacturers they represent.

Recently they have completed an architectural lighting project for “Voodoo Bayou Restaurant” located at “Palm Beach Gardens FL”. They have done an innovative lighting interior within the estimated budget. On the wish of owner Curtis Peery Slater, lighting has done a great job by creating an ambiance of very warm color temperature and a narrow beam spreads over each of the tables. They will be offering a full range of minimalistic custom lighting solutions with a decorative focus for their future project Calvares Cantina which is a restaurant. Slater Lighting is committed to delivering the best lighting experience by designing separate and multi-faceted lighting solutions that maximize space.

At Slater Lighting, their vast standard lighting range is the ideal complement to every restaurant, hospitality industry, office, and bar interior, while our in-house teams will collaborate exclusively with clients to produce one off-the-bespoke lighting product. If someone is looking to have a dreamy and fascinating light for the next project choose Slater Lighting and then have a visit to Voodoo Bayou for yummy tacos and dramatic ambiance. For more information regarding the owner of the agency or company visit (

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