DealersLink Announces NADA 2021 Product Launch

Broomfield, CO, USA – January 27, 2021 – DealersLink will unveil its new Competition View enhancement; Pricing Heat Map, at Nada 2021. In an auto industry first, Pricing Heat Map provides a visual display of retail price variations by region. The new features make it faster and easier to for dealers to understand price variations by location, enabling them to buy low and sell high on the national market. It includes Retail vs MSRP price, and Historical price charting for late model vs new vehicles.

In keeping with the DealersLink philosophy of dead-simple-design and powerful car-selling tools, the new Competition View solution will make split-second price decisions easier for sales managers, expose regional hot spots for buying cars at the best prices, offer complete retail pricing transparency for the national auto market, and provide a strong consumer trade devaluation tool.

“It’s great to have a lot of data when evaluating the market — and we do — but nothing makes the data more usable than clear visuals. That’s what we’ve created for the first time here: true retail market transparency,” said DealersLink Senior UI Developer Tony Bebber.

The DealersLink Pricing Heat Map plots competitive vehicle sets on a visual map. Vehicles priced below market average are shown in green, vehicles close to average are yellow, and vehicles higher than average are red.

The Competition View MSRP tool lists all comparable new vehicles in a regional market and displays their prices vs MSRP prices on an easy to read chart.

The Competition View Historical tool allows users to enter multiple vehicle years with the same build to compare retail market pricing for similar units of different model years. In many areas new vehicles are priced close to units 1 or 2 years old.

“We focus on giving our dealers market advantages, and we continually innovate more powerful tools for them. The Pricing Heat Map makes it easier for dealers to make the right pricing decisions in a more connected, complex auto market,” said DealersLink Director of Dealer Services, Devon Peterson.

DealersLink provides the most in-depth retail market analysis tool in the industry. This is the latest in a string of innovations from DealersLink, including the MotorCloud vehicle trade in app, OEM Build Data, retail pricing automation, and the NADA pre-book report.

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