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A mentor like Cassandra House will see the best of people and help them reveal their potential by guiding them through key points in their career.

January 28, 2021 – Mentoring consists of the support offered by a person who has acquired extensive experience in a given field (the mentor) to another person with less experience in this field (the mentee). The latter can thus benefit from advice and tools enabling Cassandra House to acquire autonomy, achieve her professional goals and meet the challenges relating to the growth of her clients business.

Generally, mentoring is offered on a voluntary basis and over a long period of time. They can become a mentor or mentee regardless of their age or the stage of growth of their business.

The Mentor

Being a mentor allows people to apply the famous phrase “pay it forward”. It is indeed a good way to promote entrepreneurship, prepare the next generation and play a major role in the success of the latter.

Generally, the main responsibilities of a mentor to a mentee are:

• Offer people personalized support to enable them to develop their entrepreneurial skills;
• Share their experience, their working methods and their techniques.
• play the role of a motivator;
• provide feedback, especially when making decisions.

The Mentee

According to Cassandra House, being a mentee allows people to benefit from the expertise and support of experienced business people.

This can help in particular

• Break the isolation brought about by a new professional situation;
• Clarify the development and growth objectives of their business;
• Acquire new knowledge related to their field of business;
• Improve the chances of survival of their business;
• Find a balance between their professional and personal needs.

However, they should not expect the mentor to be a coach who helps them maximize their professional performance or solve specific problems related to the management of their business, or even an advisor like Cassandra House will assist people in the management of certain departments of the company.

Mentoring Programs

Different organizations offer mentoring programs to help people to grow their business. These programs are tailored to the needs of each individual, both the mentor and the mentee.

Mentoring programs in various sectors of society, organizations and professions are also listed on many websites of Australia.

Mentoring Missions Abroad

Various organizations plan and organize trade missions abroad to help people to establish a network of partners from all over the world.

Getting coached takes commitment and time on their part, and it’s their primary responsibility to make this relationship work. There are two key elements to success: accepting feedback from their mentor and giving it back.

Their mentor takes his personal time to help people advance in their career. He does it for free and out of altruism. If they ask for his advice, the least they can do is to follow it (or at least explain to him why they don’t want to follow it) and give him feedback: explain to him what it has brought them, the connections they were able to initiate thanks to him, thank him when his advice has borne fruit, etc.

A mentor like Cassandra House will see the best of people and help them reveal their potential by guiding them through key points in their career. Each relationship between a mentor and his “student” is different, with benefits that vary according to the expectations and wishes of each.

Like any adventure, mentoring has an end: when they have achieved the goals people set for themselves, for example. A great relationship can obviously continue over time, in a new register. It is also an opportunity to give back what has been given to them and, in their turn, perhaps, to illuminate the journey of another person with their experience.

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