InOut Labs assists employers with quick turnaround COVID-19 tests to prevent employees from exposing others on the job

Employers are tasked with providing safe working environments for staff in COVID-19 era

January 28, 2021 – Chicago, IL – The COVID-19 pandemic has made it difficult for employers around the United States as fears over unsafe working environments has led to staff and customers to worry for their health. The United States has seen over 25 million positive cases of coronavirus with the disease often spread to others without the carrier knowing they have it. This has led to businesses across the country to shut down and employees being left without work.

Chicago’s InOut Labs offers employers an answer during these difficult times to help them keep staff and customers safe. InOut Labs’ Workplace COVID-19 tests enable an individual to be tested for the virus at their workplace. If a person believes that they have COVID-19 or are showing symptoms, they can be tested by InOut Labs onsite. The unique tests prevent an individual from visiting a doctor’s office and potentially spreading the virus to others. It also keeps individuals away from others who may potentially pass it on at a medical facility.

InOut Labs’ testing is simple and can alleviate the stress employers feel at this time. If an employee tests positive for COVID-19 and those who work with or around that employee were exposed, a company must act accordingly. The employer must deploy testing quickly to rule out further infections to staff or customers, or to detect those employees who don’t yet know they are infected. The Chicago-based company can work on a national level and test groups to confirm positive or negative COVID-19 tests.

Employers can also use InOut Labs to screen the workforce on a regular basis to stay ahead of the curve. A lot of people with COVID-19 do not show symptoms but pass it on to others. Workplace areas are notorious for bringing people together and passing germs. In many workplace areas such as bathrooms and break rooms, employees can be relaxed with masks and sanitizing their hands. InOut Labs gives workplaces the chance to routinely test employees and stop the spread of the virus. Companies who send staff to specific sites may also need to show negative COVID-19 tests to enable individuals to work. Having a reliable test from a trusted lab is paramount to continuing as a business in the COVID-19 era.

InOut Labs can help make workplaces across the US safe for employees and customers. Employers have a responsibility to keep their staff and customers safe, and providing COVID-19 tests is a keyway to make the work environment more secure.

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