GloWing’s innovative video call light launched on Kickstarter

GloWing is a patent-pending video conferencing light that uses diffusion, customizable color correction, and adjustable brightness to make users look vibrant during virtual meetings.

Haverhill-based tech firm GloWing ( just launched its breakthrough lighting fixture on Kickstarter that aims to make users look their best in any lighting condition during video meetings. Aptly titled “GloWing,” the patent-pending light has two foldable panels and fits easily on top of a laptop or a tripod and is compatible with all major video call systems.

GloWing was founded by TV studio lighting design engineers, and GloWing stands out as the world’s FIRST premier lighting fixture specially designed for video conferencing. With its 9” width, GloWing provides a smooth, wide, indirect, and diffused light that softens the user’s appearance and reduces glare. GloWing comes with a built-in battery, can be powered by USB, and can be carried easily on-the-go.

“It’s important to look bright, sharp, and confident when you sit for a virtual conference for your office or an online date. Three major factors affect your appearance- color temperature, brightness, and glare -all three affect your skin tone, shadows on the face, as well as your webcam’s ability to record quality image without distortion. And to look your best in any lighting condition, you have to offset these three factors with a premium and adjustable light source. This is where GloWing comes to your rescue as this cutting edge light is strategically designed to make the users look their best in any lighting condition,” statedMichael Johnson from GloWing.

GloWing emits high (90+) CRI, wide, diffused light at any color temperature, making it unique among lighting options.  GloWing’s customizable color correction and brightness enables it to optimize its output for use in any lighting condition (ranging from 2000k-5000k), including in florescent lighting, changing sunlight/sunset, or even when it’s dark (notoriously hard to light properly). The light comes with flexible, foldable wings, which can be pulled in to focus on one person or be opened up to cover a whole group. While not in use, users can keep the wings folded to protect the LEDs and diffusers. 

The USP of GloWing is its patent-pending design that diffuses light evenly on the user’s face. The light is safer for the eyes than regular LED lights and makes the user look better than other lights in the current market. 

Mr. Johnson elaborated: “GloWing is strategically designed to make you look sharper, more vibrant, and younger as you sit for a virtual call or meeting. Its patent-pending edge-lit design works to reduce hotspots and glare from the face and also eliminates unwanted shadows. The result is a flat smooth, and adjustable light and a more beautiful you on the webcam. GloWing is just the thing that we all have been waiting for, especially today when virtual meetings and calls have become the ‘new normal.’ At present, we are looking for mass production and hence this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring GloWing to life and allow you to look sharper in your online conferences or calls.”

Backers will be rewarded with special Kickstarter discounts on GloWing units and packages. To show your support for the campaign, please visit Kickstarter. 

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