Alan Donovan, CEO of FathersLivesMatter™, Advocates for Fathers and Their Children’s Rights

Alan Donovan, CEO of FathersLivesMatter™, Advocates for Fathers and Their Children’s Rights

Society often assumes that mothers should naturally be granted custody of their children after a divorce. However, thousands of fathers, not only in this country but across the globe, are suffering from such gender-based discrimination. For many years, Alan Donovan and FathersLivesMatter™ have been standing behind fathers who are fighting for their children’s right to have their father in their lives. Alan has helped fathers not only nationwide but also globally and has no plans of stopping anytime soon.

Alan Donovan, the founder and CEO, offers hands-on guidance and support for those who need his help, which often more than naught entails emotional support while fathers are fighting their battles. Additionally, Alan is also the creator/host of the podcast called The Fathers Truth™, where he interviews fathers from around the world about their experiences with the family court system. The Fathers Truth™ is also Alan’s separate coaching business, where he and his team of professionals work exclusively with fathers.

FathersLivesMatter™ began its venture on Instagram, the platform that he chose to give a voice to fathers and propelled his career as an advocate. Alan continues using Instagram as the primary platform for The Fathers Truth™ podcast as well as Fatherslivesmatter™. 

“My goal is to assist fathers in standing up for their rights to be a father to their child by providing emotional and mental support during and after a custody dispute,” said Alan Donovan. “I want to help change the family laws nationwide to ensure that fathers are given equal custody from the onset of custody disputes, as well as making sure that fathers are treated equally and fairly in the eyes of the law,” he added. 

Alan Donovan has been in the fathers’ rights scene for many years. He is known as a ten-percenter, which means out of all the fathers who represent themselves, only 10% walk away winning full custody. Alan spent several months buried in family law books giving him an advantage. Lastly, he has worked with thousands of exceptional fathers worldwide through his journey. 

Like many of his clients, Alan Donovan knows how important it is to advocate for fathers’ rights because he has been through the “nightmare of being alienated” from his own son. “When I talk to these fathers, I know exactly what they are feeling and what they are experiencing,” said the founder. Alan focuses on providing unwavering emotional support, knowing how fathers often get no support and tend not to ask because of gender stereotypes.

“I went through the family court system by myself with no support, and I also represented myself winning my fight. I wanted to create something where I could give back to these fathers who were in the position that I had been once in—having no support, no one who believed in them. I wanted to be that bridge for these fathers and their children,” Alan shared.  

As an activist, Alan Donovan aims to be the voice for fathers fighting for their children who have been buried in the shadows of custody disputes. He wants FathersLivesMatter™ to be an instrument to give fathers and their children the family they deserve. There are not many support systems for fathers in existence today, and Alan is at the forefront of the fathers’ rights movement. He also envisions taking The Fathers Truth™ podcast to the next level as a show on Netflix or Hulu.

To learn more about Alan Donovan, FathersLivesMatter™, and The Fathers Truth™, visit their website and Instagram page.

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