UNIQOP is the first Online Persian Grocery Store

UNIQOP is an online Persian grocery store created by a Startup company in Los Angles, California for supporting Persian Food lovers. UNIQOP has gained particular fame in a short period since it was established in 2020. The United States of America is a multicultural country with a considerable number of immigrants from different countries worldwide. Iranians shape a significant notion of the United States’ population. Despite the Persian community’s conspicuous population, there are not adequate platforms to answer the high demand for Persian groceries or enough Persian food stores. As Uniqop’s founders claim, there was a notable need for a comprehensive platform to answer Persian grocery demand in the United States. Although there are a lot of Persian supermarkets and online Persian supermarkets, Uniqop is the one that has gained conspicuous fame in a short span.

Τhis blog post is to discuss the reasons for Uniqop’s incredible success in America among all other Persian markets.

UNIQOP is an all in all:

Persian supermarkets usually do not contain a comprehensive selection of groceries. Sometimes to find a particular grocery, one should spend a lot of time searching for the right product or the favorite brand. Moreover, Iranian supermarkets are distant, and searching several of them means wasting a lot of time transporting. UNIQOP is an online store with a comprehensive selection of Persian groceries of all available brands in the market. This online Persian grocery store can cover any need for groceries for all types of tastes and budgets. Therefore, UNIQOP is an all in all online Persian grocery store that lets cliens  find their target product by a simple search. This Persian food store can save a lot of time.

Persian Grocery Everywhere and Anytime:

UNIQOP includes a warehouse located in Los Angles, California, and a website and mobile applications as the store. Clients can easily install Uniqop’s application on their smartphone or simply reach its website via browser to buy Persian Food. Taking all these into account, one can access this online Persian grocery store anywhere and any time. It is the nearest grocery store. If clients can reach their cellphone, they can order any grocery they want with some simple clicks!

Persian Food Free Delivery:

In the united states, where Persian markets are usually distant or even unavailable in some regions, getting a free shipping offer by a Persian grocery store feels just like heaven!

UNIQOP offers free shipping throughout the United States and free same-day delivery in particular regions of California. This means that they can easily order their groceries with some simple clicks and receive them at their place without paying for shipping all over the country. Isn’t it just awesome?

Deep Discounts:

As the company mentioned earlier, despite the Persian community’s notable population in the United States, there isn’t a stable relationship between the demand and supply of Persian food or its ingredients. Subsequently, the price for high-quality Persian food or Persian grocery is often high. UNIQOP offers deep discounts and special sales on all its products, making it an efficient Persian market for all kinds of budgets.


UNIQOP is an online Persian grocery store created by a Startup company in Los Angles. The store started its work in 2020, amid the Coronavirus pandemic achieved a high prevalence in a short span. Despite the high number of Persian people living in the United States, there wasn’t an efficient platform to cover Persian grocery and Persian food needs. UNIQOP has solved an issue by adding some details to its store. Details include presenting a comprehensive collection of Persian food groceries, presenting robust digital platforms, presenting the very first bilingual online market for the Persian community of America, offering free shipping, offering deep discounts, and presenting a comprehensive collection of Persian food recipes, to name but a handful.

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