Learn Lounge Games Has Made Learning Fun As One Of The Most Innovative Companies Worldwide

Learn Lounge Games Has Made Learning Fun As One Of The Most Innovative Companies Worldwide
Learn Lounge Games emerges as a top innovative EdTEch company that promotes education through a wide range of exciting games allowing teachers increase student engagement through video games.

Learn Lounge Games began its journey in 2018 by engaging with the teachers in Texas, Georgia, and Colorado to find out more about their previous experiences and requirements regarding interactive teaching. After gathering information about their idea of an ideal platform for students, this website began its official pilot programs in Spring 2019. 

As an innovative EdTEch company, their platform has a wide range of engaging educational games and allows students to pick their desired games. Every successful attempt to complete a new worksheet acts as a bonus. Students playing a particular game can answer the questions throughout the game to finish their worksheets even before they can complete a specific level. It encourages them to keep playing and allows them to practice the same concepts multiple times.

Although paper assignments and worksheets are efficient ways for evaluating students, it tends to be very dull. It forces all students to conform to the same type of challenges. However, with Learn Lounge Games, teachers can evaluate students more easily by merely keeping track of their dashboards. Each teacher has their dashboard, which even the administrators can access. Thus they can utilize the primary Data-Driven information to make decisions regarding how to support the students academically.

This platform reports all the necessary information to the teachers, making it easier for them to understand how each of their students performs and which sector needs more attention. Instead of forcing all the students to play one game, this gaming platform tries to help students learn according to their personal preferences. This educational gaming platform has a good collection of interactive games like Learn Lounge Dash, Endless Jumper, Super Learn Lounge Run, etc. Whenever a student answers a question correctly, he gets a reward within the game. Similarly, for a wrong answer, students get a positive reinforcement to answer another question, which goes on until they give a correct answer.

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Students can easily access the games from their PCs, laptops, tablets, android/iOS, etc. This platform helps teachers save some time by automatically grading all the answered questions. Thus the teachers can get live reports through their dashboard for a worksheet, a class, or even a particular student.  Learn Lounge Games was the USA West Coast at the world championships and received the title of one of the most innovative EdTEch Companies in the world by Global EdTEch Startup Awards.

About the Company:

This educational startup ensures that every student succeeds at their own pace. Learn Lounge Games provides students with a  platform where they choose what they want to play. However, all games connect them to the same assignments. It allows teachers to keep track of their progress and recognize the areas that need additional support.

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