Meet The Mathis Twins: Miami Based Investors Who Have Flipped Over $35 Million in Real Estate

Meet The Mathis Twins: Miami Based Investors Who Have Flipped Over $35 Million in Real Estate

“We are twin brothers that have worked relentlessly to acquire success,” Jeremy and Joshua Mathis say of their foray into the real estate industry. “Our entrepreneurial journey started at 12 when we started a business taking out our neighbors trash cans. After having that experience, we realized that we loved hustling and making money.”

Growing up in a home where their single mother faced foreclosure as she worked 22 hour days to provide for them, the twins were inspired to create something greater for their future families. They recall, “We went on to start several businesses after that: lawn service in high school, promotional marketing and a custom clothing line in college, then a niche dental cleaning business which we successfully exited after 18 months.”

With these experiences under their belt, the duo wanted to get into an industry that would provide greater flexibility, while also remaining lucrative, fun, and challenging. Enter: Real Estate. Today, Jeremy and Joshua have flipped over $35 Million worth of real estate, building a 7-Figure rental portfolio, and educating others about the ups and downs of investing. “Mindset is the most important factor when starting a business,” the twins note. “Being an entrepreneur is not easy. If you have a negative mindset, it will definitely deter you when obstacles arise.”

After nearly four years in the industry, Jeremy and Joshua have also begun creating resources to pass on the lessons they have learned throughout the course of their career. Their greatest piece of advice? “Track everything. Know your metrics. KPI stands for Key Performance Indicators. Understand your KPIs for your business. By tracking everything, you will start to get a better understanding of your business and what actions need to occur to help you reach your goals.”

They continue, “For example, if our sales people want to make over $10,000 per month in commissions, they know they need to make over 500 calls, talk to 300 people per month, and make over 100 offers. You will not get this right to start. Just think about what metrics you should know and start tracking everything. At some point, you will start to see trends and those trends help you create a predictable business and help you make better decisions based on data.”

Looking to the future, the twins are hopeful that their success will only continue to grow. Nonetheless, as girl dads, both Jeremy and Joshua define financial freedom as the ability to take care of their families. They explain, “We had it rough growing up. If our kids never have to experience any of the hardships we went through as kids, we are financially free. Everything we do is for our daughters.”

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