Orchestral Technique in action – Helpful guidelines for new string players

Orchestral Technique in action - Helpful guidelines for new string players

“Orchestral Technique in action” by Rachel Harris
Rachel Harris gives readers of “Orchestral Technique in action” extensive support and information to student string players.

These guidelines are aimed at string players in the early music scene and focus on orchestral technique and codes of practise. This book gives extensive support and information to student string players starting out in the world of professional music. Although the author has attempted to gather some of the things necessary for playing well in an orchestra, this book does not pretend to be comprehensive, or answer all questions encountered during rehearsals or concerts. While these guidelines concentrate on the necessities of freelance string players, especially within the world of historically informed performance practise, it could, of course, also be of interest to other orchestral performers.

Rachel Harris, who is a member of the Brook Street Band and director of Ensemble Schirokko Hamburg, has summarized her many years of experience and observation in the book “Orchestral Technique in action”. As well as teaching privately, the author is frequently invited to coach both baroque and modern orchestras. She is a guest coach and lecturer at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg. This book has been in the making for over nine years and does not claim to follow historical sources. It is more the result of decades of joy, frustration and observation in the world of freelancing. The authors hopes that readers will find her book helpful and that they will also be able to feel the various emotions that come with playing a string instrument.

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