Marketing and Copywriting Expert Waju Ogunleye Shows Clients Where to Generate the Best Leads for 2021

Marketing and Copywriting Expert Waju Ogunleye Shows Clients Where to Generate the Best Leads for 2021

Educating his clients about the constantly changing trends in marketing and advertising is something that Waju Ogunleye does well. Optimizing these trends to translate them into new leads and revenues is something that he can do with his eyes closed. As a marketing and copywriting expert, he has seen marketing initiatives transform over time, and while he is quite the traditional marketer, he knows where to best generate fresh leads for his clients. In this day and age, social media is the go-to platform. 

“These are people who can afford to test and see which places are the best to place ads. They have done this, and the result is unanimous with social media. Yet the majority of local businesses are doing the opposite. They refuse to run ads on Facebook. It’s like the mythical lemmings running to the ocean to drown,” Waju Ogunleye explains.

Waju is the founder of Reign in Indy, a one-stop digital marketing agency that provides top-notch marketing services that generate favorable results. The company has built a reputation of excellence over the past ten years, providing clients with exceptional website designs and digital marketing services that are second to none. With Waju at the helm, the company has established a culture of growing with its clients. This practice has enabled them to win the trust and respect of their clients over the years. 

“We help our clients understand the people they serve. It’s not enough to bring a solution to the table. The people you bring it to have a deep need to understand the ‘why’ behind it. And if they don’t, they will have a problem following through with your good advice,” Waju adds.

If anything, Waju is best known for his winning attitudehis determination to succeed, never giving up when things get tough, and his innovativeness that has surpassed many of his marketing contemporaries. The same attitude proved to be most useful when he decided to succeed despite having been born with a severe speech defect. Instead of letting the negative criticism and attitude of people about his condition discourage him, he instead looked for a way to develop a new skill that did not involve talking. In most cases, going to therapy would have been the wisest direction. Waju, however, opted to learn how to write. He did not only learn the basic foundations of the skill; he went on to become one of the industry’s top copywriters today. 

Aside from being a successful marketer, Waju is also the author of two books. He wrote The Money Whisperer: How to Make Money in a Bad EconomyEven if Everyone is Broke, Skeptical or a Tightwad and The Email Sorcery Handbook: How to Craft Emails that Open Purses Ethically. Both books contain pragmatic tips for aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs who wish to elevate the manner by which they run their business. 

This 2021, Waju Ogunleye is expected to come up with more groundbreaking digital marketing ideas to give his clients an edge over their competitors. 

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