Step into Revolutionary Technological World with Clynk Mediaworks

Clynk Mediaworks is known for developing futuristic technologies with cutting-edge tools, enabling them to be a great name in the future’s technological company.

Technology, for one, represents a great opportunity. Technology innovation can be a crucial component of any effort to address needs and better serve individuals and families. Future growth relies on competitiveness and innovation, skills, and productivity. In this technological era, many companies are adopting new ideas and creations to benefit the population. Among those, Clynk Mediaworks is an emerging innovative company focusing on developing futuristic technologies and transforming the IoT (Internet of things) world with top-notch services.

Clynk Mediaworks company is a team of talented people working to create the most outstanding and revolutionary products. Clynk means “Click to link”  is devoted to continually improving their operation, design & technology that makes their staff updated with the newest and most significant technical & industry developments and helping to make the best of their modern, creative, and up-to-date products. The “Click to link” company is serving clients by leveraging state-of-the-art technologies.

The young face behind this innovative company is Kiran Arya, with excellent entrepreneurial skills in outsourcing. He understands the need for an immediate and innovative technology is unprecedentedly high, exacerbated by increasing global competition and the pace at which technology is changing; therefore, with his in-depth business exposure and business transformation expertise, he wanted to deliver such products that can meet the future approach. With his knowledge and skilled team, he is enthusiastic to take his company to reach its near-maximum potential as it provides solutions that address real-world problems with his innovative products and ideas

Clynk MagicBox is the first single board computer in India that will take the user into a digital transformation world. The team behind this revolutionary invention is a blend of experienced and professional resources with more than 50 years of experience in hardware design and development, electronic circuitry, integrated device programming, operating systems. This device is equipped with Full HD IPTV capability providing the finest picture quality and more than 5000 global TV channels. Magic Box can be converted from TV to personal computers and vice versa. Users can magically Monitor and control lighting, climate, entertainment system & appliances with MagicBox.

IoV (Internet of vehicles) is a distributed network that facilitates data provided by connected cars and ad hoc vehicle networks (VANETs). A significant purpose of the IoV is to enable vehicles to interact in real-time with their human drivers, pedestrians, other vehicles, roadside facilities, and fleet management systems. Keeping the advantages of IoV, the company will soon unveil a new project named “Clynk AutoMagic,” which is a hybrid automotive automation technology (connected car system for old and new cars) focused on Google Automotive Services (GAS) providing openness, customization, and scale to automotive infotainment systems and head units that can be linked to the vehicle’s electronic and mechanical hybrid automation system. Openness allows new efficiencies by offering vehicle infotainment functionality in a free and open-source framework.

In a competitive economy, no business can survive long term without updating its products and services or the ways in which they are produced or delivered; therefore, Clynk is committed to continually fine-tune its innovation systems for success, which will turn them into a globally recognized great technology company in future.

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