Standalone Drawing Tablet Reviewed by Layerform for Easily Choosing the Best Graphic Design Tablet

Standalone Drawing Tablet Reviewed by Layerform for Easily Choosing the Best Graphic Design Tablet
Layerform, a graphic design company, has published an exhaustive buying guide on the best standalone drawing tablet for graphic design in 2021. The guide compares brands on costs, features, etc. This review of standalone drawing tablets cum guide is a must-read for sketchers & artists.

According to Layerform and Eddy’s announcements, this graphic design company has published a detailed buying guide on the best standalone drawing tablet for an artist’s needs. 

Considerations to weigh when in the market for the best graphic design tablet include battery life for comfortable use away from a power source. This drawing tablet review recommends that tablets should offer at least 10 hours of battery life. Screen sensitivity is a significant factor when comparing graphic design tablets. Sensitive screens enable users to enhance expressions through shading, sketch accurately, and draw as close to their vision as possible. Multi-touch capability and tilt recognition are factors worth considering. 

This exhaustive design tablet buying guide by Layerform has been well-received by readers because of the insightful and actionable tips. Buyers are advised to consider a standalone design tablet with at least 8 GB memory. Layerform also recommends a lightweight and easy to handle tablet for convenient portability and use because one never knows when inspiration may strike. 

The guide reviews top graphic design tablets, such as the Wacom Mobile Studio Pro, Huion Kamvas Studio 22, Surface Pro 7 Tablet, and popular models by Microsoft and Apple. The reviews assess models on processor speed, aesthetics, display, screen size, number of features, and sundry parts. This guide covers everything from value-for-money models for beginners to really sophisticated standalone design tablets for graphic designers. 

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Eddy of Layerform said, “Whether you are a digital artist, illustrator, sketcher, or simply an art enthusiast looking to explore the digital art world, a standalone drawing tablet offers you a great way to enhance your creative skills while providing a satisfying experience. This is because all the features, tools, and designs of the devices are tailored for your art.

Thankfully, there are numerous options in the market available at different prices. The models reviewed above provide you with practical options that let you get the most out of your creative process.

There are various premium brands of standalone tablets that will cost you an arm and a leg! For some people, this may seem like unnecessary spending. However, this is not always the case. If you are an accomplished digital artist looking for a serious device to bring the best out of your art, then you have every right to spend more on a standalone drawing tablet.”

On the differences between a traditional and a standalone tablet, Eddy said, “The significant difference when comparing the two designs of tablets is that when you consider traditional tablets, you will realize that they need a computer to function and don’t feature any built-in display features. This means they are only suitable for drawing since not all units come with a screen.

On the other hand, standalone drawing tablets can operate independently without needing a computer or additional equipment. This is because they have an integrated screen that enables you to not only draw comfortably but also perform other functions.”

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Layerform, a retailer of fine digital art, sells PSDs, fonts, brushes, and more affordable rates. Its archive of freebies is worth checking out for the exciting vector art and other items for download. It publishes highly informative, interesting reviews and guides on related topics.

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