Brief Introduction to Popular Types and Standard of ACSR

ACSR is a high-capacity stranded conductor which is mainly used for overhead power lines. The ACSR conductor design can be done like this, the outside of this conductor can be made with pure aluminum material whereas the inside of the conductor is made with a steel material so that it gives extra strength to give support to the weight of the conductor.

ACSR Conductor Types:

There are different types of ACSR conductors are available which include the following.
All Aluminium Conductor — AAC
Aluminium Conductor Aluminium Reinforce — ACAR
All Aluminium Alloy Conductors — AAAC
Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced — ACSR
All Aluminimum Conductor (AAC)

All Aluminimum Conductor (AAC)

This conductor has low strength as well as extra sag per span length as compared with any type. So, it is used at the distribution level. The conductivity of this conductor is somewhat better at the distribution level. The cost of both the AAC & ACSR conductors are the same.

Aluminium Conductor Aluminium Reinforce (ACAR)

ACAR combines a number of aluminum alloy strands for providing a transmission conductor including excellent electrical & mechanical balance properties. These aluminum strands are covered with aluminum alloy wires. The core of the conductor includes the number of strands. The main benefit of this conductor is that all strands in the conductor are identical, thus allowing the conductor design with the best electrical & mechanical characteristics.

All Aluminium Alloy Conductors (AAAC)

This AAAC conductor construction is similar to AAC excluding the alloy. The strength of this conductor is equivalent to the ACSR type however, because of the nonexistence of steel it is less weight. The existence of alloy formation will make this conductor expensive. AAAC is used for longer spans because of the stronger tensile strength as compared with AAC. So it is utilized in the distribution level that is a river crossing. This conductor has low sag when compared with AAC. AAAC conductors are less in weight, so applicable for transmission & sub-transmission wherever less weight support structure is necessary like swamps, mountains, etc.

Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced (ACSR)

ACSR conductors are filled with steel material inside. The high strength ACSR conductors are applicable for overhead earth wires, installations relating extra-long spans & river crossings. These are manufactured with different tensile strengths. Because of the high diameter, a much higher radiance limit can be attained.

We can product different standard acsr conductor include:

BS Standard;
acsr conductor iec 61089 standard;
acsr conductor din 48204 standard;
acsr conductor bs215 standard;
acsr conductor astm-b232 standard;
acsr conductors in canadian standard
Thus, this is all about an overview of the ACSR conductor.

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