Niche Investments are Rapidly Becoming the Hottest Commodity and Las Vegas Coin Dealer is Leading the Charge

Specializing in Numismatics, Vegas Coin Dealer Guides Patrons Through the Process; From Research to Auction

The current societal landscape has Americans frightened, and with more money being printed every day, cash is depreciating at an incredibly fast pace. True to form, gold and silver remain high in value; but now a new niche has emerged as a front runner in diverse assets, rare and expensive coins. Vegas Coin Dealer, based in Las Vegas, Nevada, has reacted to this tumultuous situation as a “call to arms” in helping Americans protect their assets and family wealth through curating precious coin collections.

Collectors of any object or commodity will find joy in that hobby, but collectors of investments such as art and coins, are regularly immersed in strategy and research to make the most of their collection. Specializing in rare, expensive, coins; Vegas Coin Dealer is single-handedly redefining diversified portfolios by shedding light on the value of numismatic investments.

Founded in 2019 by Charles Jonath, Vegas Coin Dealer has helped hundreds of Vegas residents and people across the US alike diversify their investments through strategic research, positioning, and consulting. As Nevada’s gold-standard in numismatic investments, Vegas Coin Dealer walks each client through the process from beginning to end to ensure the creation of a sound and lucrative investment. This tried and true process includes:

• Expert Advice
• Rare Coin Research
• Buying
• Selling
• Sales Agents for Rare Coins
• Auctions Representatives
• CAC Submission Center

Coin collecting is still alive and well in America today; producing sustainable gains with low volatility. Vegas Coin Dealer seeks to preserve this age-old tradition through their one-of-a-kind consulting process, designed to position each coin’s story as an immense value proposition. Each coin has a story — places it has been, major world events it has sustained; it is the job of collectors and investors to preserve and praise every story, therefore preserving history by acquiring pieces that have been sought after for more than a century.

Through proof of concept, dedication to the craft, and unwavering commitment to preserving the niche that is coin collecting and appreciation, Vegas Coin Dealer’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition.

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About Vegas Coin Dealer

Vegas Coin Dealer, LLC is Las Vegas’ premier coin dealer, focusing on expensive rare coins and collector’s items. Founded in 2019 by third-generation coin collector Charles Jonath, Vegas Coin Dealer seeks to redefine the coin collecting industry to create a new niche of investments. As the modern world shifts further and further into digital assets, Vegas Coin Dealer believes there is a hidden blue-chip strategy which resides in our past, specifically rare coins. Rare and expensive coins are true treasures when found, with values increasing in exponential amounts with each passing day. Vegas Coin Dealer’s team of experts are well-versed in these rare coins, guiding customers through the entire process. From research to investment strategy, to buying and selling; Vegas Coin Dealer is spearheading this shift in modern investing one coin at a time.



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