‘The Lady Of Heaven’ Movie Trailer sparks support from around the world

The Enlightened Kingdom film production company recently released the first trailer for their historical drama, ‘The Lady of Heaven’ on Film Selects the YouTube Trailer platform.

Almost instantly, the trailer picked up massive organic support, with views reaching nearly two million in under a month. The trailer has since been reposted thousands of times, and the comments section was garnering close to one hundred thousand, before being turned off. Over one hundred and sixty reaction videos to the trailer have been made by enthusiastic fans from around the world, with more pouring in every day. The trailer views and fan base for the film grow exponentially globally every day, from the Middle East to North America and Europe.

The film trailer’s sensational reaction is a credit to both the filmmaking quality and the film’s subject matter, which touches on a storyline never before tackled by filmmakers.

The movie depicts two plot lines simultaneously, the plight of an Iraqi child who loses his mother during the war and the heart-wrenching journey of Lady Fatima, the daughter of Prophet Muhammad.

Separated by 1400 years, the Iraqi child named Laith, amid a war-torn country, learns the importance and power of patience.  After losing his mother, the child finds himself in a new home, where a loving grandmother narrates the historical story of “The Lady” and how her suffering as the first victim of terrorism spun out of control into the 21st century.

Say the Filmmakers “The Lady is held dear in the hearts of billions worldwide, but her story has never been shared through film. Her story is a universal one that we can all learn from, teaching us the best response to corruption and to power hungry politicians.

The Lady is a powerful and important historical character that many in the world have never been introduced to. The film is also exceptionally historically accurate. We worked tirelessly to ensure that all aspects of the film are linked to historical records, from the characters, to the scenes, to clothing, armoury, pottery, houses, etc. Everything was painstakingly researched”.

The film shows the historical roots of groups like ISIS, through the connection of ISIS at the time of Laith and similar groups at the time of the Lady. Through this we are able to see where ISIS has originated from, giving people an potential answer to their confusions about modern day terrorism.

The trailer release has created a profound amount of completely organic excitement online; spawning reposts all across the world, many copycat Instagram accounts, and hype on social media rarely seen for a non-studio film.

In Iraq, the film trailer’s massive support has been overwhelmingly positive and taken on a life of its own, due in part to the Iraqi heritage depicted in its storyline. People all across the country have printed out the posters from home printers and have placed them on the walls all around the cities. The Lady of Heaven poster have been voluntarily taken from the film’s website, printed on home printers, and been placed by enthusiastic supporters on the walls of holy shrines. The film’s trailer has been downloaded by fans, from its YouTube platform, and shown on big screens at intersections, across all the main cities in Iraq.

Reflecting on the enthusiasm with which the trailer has been received around the world, Hussain Ashmere, Executive Producer on the project, says simply that “There are 250 films on Jesus Christ, 120 films about Moses, 80 about the other Prophets, and 40 films about Buddha, but there are none about the life of Lady Fatima the Daughter of the Prophet Muhammed, until now“.

When asked why they chose now to make this Feature Film, Abdul-Malik Shlibak, Executive Producer of the film, said, “In a time of global uncertainty and hardship, the Lady’s story is a much-needed message of patience, hope, and strength.

The Film’s writer Sheikh Al-Habib adds, “This film conveys a message of love and peace. It is a call to a better mindset when dealing with challenges. I am certain that should humanity follow in the steps of The Lady, peace, justice, and equality will prevail and triumph. I pray for this to happen.”

One of the most delicate issues for the filmmakers was to figure out how to show these holy figures without breaking any religious codes of depiction. In one of the film’s most groundbreaking elements, the movie uses new technology to keep the film in line with these codes. Producers of the film state, “Following Islamic tradition, no individual represented a Holy Personality during the making of this film. The performances of the Holy Personalities were achieved through a unique synthesis of actors, in-camera effects, lighting, and visual effects.”

Filmed in Georgia and London, England, for a budget of $15 Million, the movie is described by John Stephenson OBE, Creative Consultant for the film, as “Lawrence of Arabia meets Game of Thrones.”

The film is looking forward to an international theatrical release, although Producers say that “As with all theatrical releases, Coronavirus makes things uncertain.”

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