OnoLiv App Offers Solution to Streamline Customer Service Communications, Creates Single User Live Chat Compatible with Any Website

OnoLiv is excited to announce its launch of exciting new patented technology that allows for live chat support from any website from any mobile device. This is a complete gamechanger for both businesses and their customer and offers an elegant solution to a problem many did not realize they were facing. E-commerce can be frustrating when users have to reach out to each company they buy from individually, and worse yet, if they can only do so from a computer. OnoLiv solves this problem by transforming website-based live chat into a powerful mobile app-based live chat, which drastically improves the functionality of the live chat and increases customer satisfaction.

OnoLiv is the world’s first single live chat app for users of all websites, which means that from one beautifully designed mobile app, users can get the help they need from the businesses they love to visit. The technology behind OnoLiv was inspired by the fact that hundreds of millions of businesses in countries around the world rely on live chats to bring their customers and clients the best service possible and communicate important information quickly. OnoLiv makes this even easier to do with a simple set up, seamless integration, and accessibility from any website. OnoLiv’s patented, useful, and problem-solving technology for website visitors is capable of capturing a complete live chat market of millions of companies supporting billions of worldwide customers.

The OnoLiv app is based on US10623451 patented technology and is compatible with mobile devices around the world. Any website or mobile application can integrate OnoLiv. By clicking on the “OnoLiv Button” from a website, the website’s customers will be able to connect in real-time, chat with an agent of the company, and have a live chat conversation to get support, ask questions, and have problems resolved. OnoLiv makes it easy and fast for companies to connect with their customers. OnoLiv also solves the problem of poor construction that can be observed on countless websites. Rather than be forced to deal with a slow, ineffective script-based website, users can download the app to quickly access chats and chat with agents.

OnoLiv ensures efficient service and seamless communication through its patented centralized live chat. There are many benefits to OnoLiv that set it apart from competitors. For example, with OnoLiv, a user only needs to visit one single mobile application to chat with available agents of any website. Rather than lose important chat details by forgetting which websites they have visited or learning that the website does not save chat logs, users can return to one convenient place to review their chats or pick up where they left off. By clicking on the “OnoLiv Button” from any currently visited website, users can view the names of the websites in the OnoLiv application and connect with the available agents to chat. The OnoLiv app is easily accessible from anywhere, be it a mobile phone, desktop, or tablet. OnoLiv’s many helpful features and patented rights provide a monopoly advantage to the app.

The new patented OnoLiv app will soon launch on the Apple App Store and Google Play store, meaning businesses that closer. To learn more about how to pre-register for the app, please visit the OnoLiv.com website today.

About OnoLiv

The technology behind the OnoLiv app was created and invented by Yogesh Rathod. Instead of a website based live chat, OnoLiv allows companies to communicate with their visitors more effectively and efficiently. With just one tap of the “OnoLiv” button, the installed mobile app opens and instantly connects the user to a live chat with a real chat agent, ready for use with any website. OnoLiv has received a patent and fills an important need in the world of single live chats.

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