Veronica Brown Spreads Magic and Hope with Powerful Gospel

Veronica Brown Spreads Magic and Hope with Powerful Gospel
Weaving magical and soulful spirit in her music, Veronica Brown is a stunning new addition to the world of music as she produces musical compositions that cover a wide range of genres from Dance and Gospel to Christian music

An up-and-coming artist who sings, writes and produces the finest Gospel music merged with the genres of Dance, Veronica Brown is a powerhouse and a talent in her own right. Her newest Gospel song titled “MOVE” builds the narrative after her previous songs “I Don’t Wanna Be A Sinner”, “My God”, “I Feel Blessed”, and most recently “Time After Time”, which held a position on Billboard’s TOP100 Gospel Charts for several weeks.

The fresh new single titled “MOVE” reminds listeners that no matter the negative events that impact our lives, we can change our way. We must be strong and courageous, must trust in God, appreciate our blessings, see how God comes through time after time.

Spreading the gospel with a very unique brand of “Evangelistic Soul,” Veronica Brown is no impostor. Fresh off the heels of her new single “MOVE,” Veronica is on an ongoing mission to remind listeners of God’s continuous presence in our lives and the many countless blessings he continues to endow us with. Her fresh, uplifting and colorful song is a song that will make anyone dance and feel inspired and motivated.

A Detroit native, Veronica was raised in a home filled with music. Her father, a minister and singer, was known at the time for his high vocal range was a member of The Mighty Midsouth Singers, a popular gospel group that traveled extensively in the region and had several hit songs.

Veronica’s passion for service and gift of song, drives her to make the world a better place and has allowed her to travel around the world performing. She toured the globe performing for the United States Organizations and the Department of Defense, lifting spirits and boosting moral for our troops. Her popularity exploded in Europe and she’s even performed in Japan. As a mainstream R&B and Dance artist she had several hits reach the top 12 on Billboard charts and one reaching #1 on several European dance charts.


Independent singer and songwriter, Veronica Brown continues to produce stunning Gospel music inspired by the likes of soulful artists such as Aretha Franklin (whom she’s had the pleasure to work with), Rance Allen, Luther Vandross, Whitney Houston, Tina Turner, The Staple Singers, The O’Jays, and The Temptations. Working with these artists has been a blessing and inspiration. Others who have inspired Veronica include Bruno Mars, the Obamas, John Mayer, and Amanda Gorman.

Before “MOVE” Veronica released the gospel singles “Time After Time,” “I Don’t Wanna Be A Sinner,” “My God,” and “I Feel Blessed” all of which continued to solidify her position as a stunning musician and artist.

She continues to sing and travel around the globe as she prepares for the release of her upcoming full-length EP and plays along with a very unique brand of “Evangelistic Soul” to continue to spread the message of Gospel music. Veronica Brown has immense experience in Gospel music and is on the path towards success in the musical industry, having worked with the maestros and continuing to inspire and freshen up the lives of numerous people through her soulful music and vocals.

A globe trotter at heart, Veronica has served the public as a flight attendant for nearly two decades and her upcoming book, Flying Black in America, gives you an inside look at her experience as a black flight attendant.



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