How To Choose And Use Baby Diapers

There are tips of How To Choose And Use Baby Diapers.

The diaper selection method is based on the degree of tightness of the waist. It is advisable to put two fingers vertically. In the groin area, to be able to lay a forefinger is good. It is generally believed that the paper urine pants belt has a gap, good air permeability. In addition, with the increase of baby urine volume, must choose to absorb fast diapers. The surest rule is to go to a regular maternity shop and remember to choose products from well-known companies. Read the instructions carefully before buying, to see if it is in line with the two aspects of the above introduction, if it is spring and summer, be careful not to buy for autumn and winter season to use the thickened.

As far as the part of the skin that USES the diaper is concerned, healthy skin should be dry. Wet skin quickly becomes brittle and prone to diaper rash. In order to minimize the wetting caused by nappies, they should be replaced frequently and extra absorbent nappies should be used.

As all know, more and more mothers choose diapers for babies, but how to wear the diapers and comfortable for babies. Here, There are 6 Steps of wearing baby diapers from Quanzhou Union Paper Co., Ltd.

Step 1: Rub and rub before wearing: it makes the diaper have a good channel and more soft to wear because the diapers are compressed into bag.

Step 2: Laid the diaper flat under the baby’s ass, put it below baby’s belly button as possible, it won’t hurt baby’s belly button, then spread out elastic waistband.

Step 3: Let diapers back higher than the frontal to prevent leakage from the hips. Don’t put tape too tight or too loose. Just stick firmly.

Step 4: Leave a gap to put a middle finger between the diapers and belly after sticking diapers, sliding back and forth around with index finger.

Step 5: Out of the prevent leakage with index finger and middle finger from backward to forward. Especially for male babies, pull the diaper up to the front with fingers and appear big defensive flanks. It is perfect.

Step 6: Check the back of the diaper, to prevent the diaper fall down from hip.

So the diaper is perfectly dressed. Babies can sleep more comfortable and the diaper no leakage & no slip off. Ok, now make the babies comfortable.

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