Why Choose a Start-up Practice During COVID? “Covid safety in new orthodontic practices”

Why Choose a Start-up Practice During COVID? "Covid safety in new orthodontic practices"

People may have been apprehensive about visiting an orthodontist during the COVID-19 pandemic? Perhaps they have decided to put off their orthodontic treatment and delay their wish for getting Invisalign for themselves or start braces for their children? Perhaps they feel concerned about being close to other patients in the practice? What if they are in the same waiting room with others and feel uncomfortable about all the staff swirling around the practice space? Will they feel safe? Will they feel their children be safe?

Indeed, these are ominous times, and making the right decisions for themselves and their family are not simple under the given circumstances. Roland Park Orthodontics get it. These are tough times and making the right choice can be difficult.

So why choose a start-up orthodontic practice for your Invisalign or braces care?

  1. Start-up practices have a low footprint. Here at Roland Park Orthodontics, they do not have to deal with patient congestion and struggle to space patients and parents out at this time. They are a start-up practice, with few patients and a light schedule and have the benefit to see one patient at a time, as they are just getting started. Compared to other offices, which have to navigate larger staff volume and huge patient volume, they  can control every footprint in their brand-new office space.  This way people get to relax and let their shoulders down.
  2. Herd control is essential. People may have wondered how social distancing in a dental office is even possible with all the staff needed to run daily tasks and orthodontic procedures, such as dental assistants, scheduling coordinators, financial coordinators and auxiliary staff for the lab and sterilization. Since the hospital is just starting out, they do not have the need for full staff capacity and get to run a tight ship with very few team members and one doctor. This also gives people exceptionally personal care and personalized attention.
  3. No bioaerosols! They do not perform general dental procedures requiring high-speed dental hand-pieces or hygiene equipment, which create bioaerosols as they are an exclusively orthodontic practice, which only performs orthodontic procedures, such as placing braces or providing Invisalign. None of their procedures create bioaerosols, ensuring clean air and no aerosolization.
  4. Modified office cleanings! Dentistry follows an incredibly high standard of cleanliness and abides by the highest standards mandated by OSHA and CDC guidelines. In addition to the already “gold standard” of cleanliness, they take the time to perform office cleanings set forth by the CDC during the COVID-19 pandemic. They are a touchless office and can provide highest standards of cleanliness without feeling uncomfortable.
  5. Virtual consultations! Don’t feel comfortable to step into an orthodontic practice, yet would like to get the ball rolling on one’s smile care? They offer complimentary, virtual consultations and telehealth appointments at people’s convenience. Just upload the smile photos on their Virtual Consultation area and let them know when one would like to discuss their options. All from the comfort of one’s home and touchless interaction.

Roland Park Orthodontics creates beautiful smiles in a fun and friendly (clean) environment. Their office is new, fresh and clean!

They treat all ages and offer classic braces, clear braces, Invisalign, Botox and teeth whitening and also accept most major insurances and offer convenient hours.

Call (410) 296-4400 to schedule complimentary smile consultation or visit at www.rolandparksmiles.com for more information.

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