Niche Personal Finance Website Doubles Down on its Success for 2021

Dividends Diversify LLC, a niche personal finance website, delivers informative, timely, and entertaining articles on investing, dividend stocks, wealth, and money management. Born from its mission to help dividend investors “build wealth one dividend at a time”, the site has expanded over the years to provide a broader range of weekly articles across the money management spectrum.

Building around the core concept called the wealth pyramid, Dividends Diversify informs readers on financial planning, setting financial goals, and solving money problems.  Furthermore, content focuses on investing for the long-term with an emphasis on income-generating assets. But most of all, long-term buy and hold dividend stocks and dividend investing takes center-stage.

Founded in 2017, Dividends Diversify has nearly one million reader visits a year. Visitors come through a variety of channels including social media and internet search engines.  The site has an international audience. However, approximately 70% call the United States and Canada home.

This group consists of a diverse audience looking to get ahead with their finances and make the most of their money.  They utilize the content on Dividends Diversify to better manage their finances, invest wisely, and plan for their financial freedom.

For 2021, Dividends Diversify is redoubling the commitment to their current mission. That mission being delivering informative, accessible, and entertaining personal finance and investing information through their website

And they are dedicated to making the website even better. First of all, they have recently introduced an exciting new series of articles. For example, wthey have a growing sequence about how dividends work.  They are intended to be a one-stop-shop for anything an aspiring dividend investor needs to know about dividends and dividend stocks.

Furthermore, look for more in-depth coverage about financial planning. They are doing this through their new series on financial goals. Specifically, how to identify money goals. How to set them. And, how to achieve them.  When it comes to personal finance goals, the platform stresses three principles. Envision it. Plan for it. Achieve it!

Also, they love to use the power of the Dividends Diversify brand to collaborate with financial technology (Fintech) firms. Partnering with Dividends Diversify lets companies like Webull, Breezeful, and Passiv use the power of the Dividends Diversify brand and reach. To get the word out and promote their valuable products and services.

Finally, continue to look for their unique perspectives on wealth building and personal development.  After all, they put their readers at the top of the wealth pyramid. Because the better the reader can be today, the faster they will achieve their financial dreams.

About Dividends Diversify LLC:

Dividends Diversify is a niche personal finance website. Specializing in informative, timely, and entertaining articles on investing, dividend stocks, wealth, and money management. Founded in 2017, Dividends Diversify focuses on building wealth one dividend at a time using the core concepts from its wealth pyramid.

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