Porsche Taycan and HiPhi X-Two Distinctive Styles in Luxury Electric Cars

How to choose a luxury electric car? Which aspects to look at? The interior? The appearance? The intelligence functions? As the electric vehicle market matures, luxury electric vehicles continue to emerge. Many of them have distinctive styles and features. Please take a look at Porsche Taycan and HiPhi X.

Since the release of Taycan, Porsche has received attention from around the world. After all, Taycan represents the understanding of electric power by a time-honored luxury car company with deep accumulation. Unlike the new forces in the electric car industry pursuing artificial intelligence and autonomous driving, Porsche, which prioritizes power and performance, has its own unique understanding of an electric car. Taycan is first of all a Porsche, which should bring users all experiences of driving and riding a Porsche.

In appearance, the Taycan looks like a four-door version of the 911, with towering fenders on both sides and a low, sliding front hood, allowing users to recognize from a distance that this is a genuine Porsche. However, what people truly want to focus on is the performance of the Taycan, which fundamentally sets it apart from other electric vehicles.

The three core factors in a car’s electrification—electric power, electric drive and electric control, are the hidden gems of Taycan. The permanent magnet synchronous motor is fitted with permanent magnets on the rotor and adopts hairpin winding, which has higher efficiency and a more compact structure. In order to ensure excellent heat dissipation, Taycan’s battery pack adopts a water-cooling system. A two-speed gearbox is installed on the rear axle. The first gear has a large gearing ratio and therefore fast acceleration, and the second gear has a small gearing ratio and therefore high speed. This allows the Taycan to easily reach 100 km/h in 3.2 seconds and run at a top speed of 260 km/h.

These powerful configurations make Taycan’s performance stand out among luxury electric vehicles. Taycan scored 7 minutes and 42 seconds on Nürburgring Circuit; in the Nardo Ring, it finished 3,425 km in 24 hours (charging time included), setting the average speed at approximately 200 km/h; it “drifted” 42.171 kilometers at the Porsche Experience Center in Hockenheim and won Guinness Record certification for the longest drift by an electric car; it sets a new world record for the fastest electric car in mass production at the Michelin circuit in Atlanta. These statistics show that Porsche Taycan is an outstanding electric car, and more importantly, a distinguished super race car.

If people say that Porsche Taycan is in the pursuit of extreme performance and speed, with the aim of convincing people that the excellent traits of Porsche are passed down, then HiPhi X is in the pursuit of high-end intelligence, and has become a leader in this regard.

HiPhi X is fitted with the world’s first H-SOA open electrical architecture independently developed by Human Horizons. Based on this architecture, HiPhi X can realize the separation of onboard software and hardware. So, the continuous upgrade of the car can be carried out through remote software update, thus making the car live up to its name as a “software-defined car”.

With such “evolvable” ability, it is difficult to predict the upper limit of HiPhi X’s capabilities. In addition, the high level of intelligence of HiPhi X is also reflected in a particularly interesting feature—it allows third parties, namely consumers, to participate in this process. Human Horizons has built an open platform called HiPhi Lab, which is aimed at integrating the wisdom of everyone in order to devise a variety of needs and preferences of the car. Based on demand, the functions of many sensors can be mobilized to create customized features of the consumers’ car.

Please return to the question mentioned at the beginning of the article—how to choose a luxury electric car? After all, consumers have to start from the actual needs and personal preferences. Porsche Taycan and HiPhi X are the ultimate representatives of two distinctive routes in the development of electric cars. The former represents power and speed while the latter represents technology and intelligence. So, which one is more preferable?

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