World Series of Golf’s, Vaycaychella, Opens Real Estate Investment To Millions Of Retail Class Investors…And Expected To Earn Rapid Returns In The Process

The 183% move higher in the price of World Series of Golf, Inc.’s (OTC: WSGF) stock is happening as Vaycaychella, WSGF’s wholly-owned subsidiary, prepares to launch a beta test of its revolutionary real estate investment app later this month. Shares have surged from sub-penny a share just three months ago to its consolidated level of just under two-cents per share. The build in price comes as investors learn more about how the Vaycaychella app can streamline property and real estate investment. It’s an app that Vaycaychella expects can deliver upwards of $100 million within 12-months of its global launch.

Investors are focused on the broader features of how this app can disrupt a billion-dollar market. But, what may deserve considerably more attention from investors is how this innovative app and platform is positioning itself to transform vacation rental property ownership. The most compelling feature of the app is that it provides investors an opportunity to allow for fractional ownership interests, and simultaneously opens up the door for investment from millions of retail investors who have until now found it difficult to invest in second and third properties.

But, Vaycaychella believes it will change the landscape and bring to market an innovative tool to facilitate investors building multiple property portfolios through relatively small investments. It’s that feature that investors should be focused on. And they can get exposure to the app’s potential windfalls through an investment into WSGF.

Vaycaychella Changes The Purchase Process

What’s already been discussed by investors is that the Vaycaychella app can eliminate most of the logistical hurdles that often prevent vacation property acquisition. They immediately recognize the value of Vaycaychella’s game changing technology to do away with credit checks, income to debt ratios, and credit scores. Moreover, instead of bringing tenant and landlord together, the app brings buyers and investors together with a goal to facilitate property acquisition and investment no matter the wallet size of an investor.

It’s a niche that Vaycaychella wants to fill. And if they execute correctly, they could theoretically own the space. And with its beta-launch expected to happen this month, investors will get a comprehensive, behind the scenes look at how the Vaycaychella app plans to revolutionize an industry. Best of all, they will see how possible it will be for small investors to build a massive property portfolio even by making small investments. And to those that think transactions will be burdensome, the great news is that the app will make buying an interest in property as easy as buying shares of stock.

That advantage, and the mission of bringing these advantages to retail investors, is expected to generate upwards of $100 million in revenues during the first year of its global launch. WSGF published that guidance after several micro-test projects provided feedback from which to model the app’s potential.

Understanding How Valuable Vaycaychella Can Be

The concept is genius. Filling a substantial void in the vacation property investments markets, theVaycaychella app can be the most valued tool for investors to build either a small passive incomeproperty portfolio or a massive portfolio that can generate both short and long term revenue streams.

The genius part of the app extends beyond the obvious. In fact, it’s getting major attention as possiblythe only app that can facilitate multiple property ownership, especially across different parts of theworld. Until Vaycaychella, that opportunity did not exist, at least for smaller investors.

Vaycaychella plans to change the markets in ways that can forever keep smaller investors included inbillion dollar market opportunities. Don’t underestimate their resolve to fulfill that mission.

Moreover, Vaycaychella will add something new to the sector by allowing investors to purchase fractional shares in properties. Investments could be small in size, which immediately opens the market to millions of retail sized investors. The result could be a Reddit like surge in property prices. But it wouldn’t be the result of “covering short sales”, it would instead be caused by the fueled demand for ownership interest and from the billions of new dollars flooding the markets.

At the end of the day, it would be a positive reaction for everyone involved in the sector that could fuel more investment in complementary sectors.

Vaycaychella Shows its Worth

Further, beyond creating opportunities to build tangible property ownership, the Vaycaychella app provides quick diversification into a real estate market that tends to appreciate in value over time. And with diversification recommended for any portfolio, having a focus toward a more stable real estate sector is an attractive option. Real estate investment has indeed helped generate some of the greatest wealth around the globe. WSGF showed off its prize asset.

Revealing parts of the app, WSGF provided a public demonstration that showed how easy and user friendly the app is to use. They showed how buyers and owners get connected, and strategies that can help facilitate either short term interest investments or long term ownership scenarios. The demo also highlighted that by dealing in high demand property locations, downsize risk is minimized. True, weather and seasonality play a role in returns, but Vaycaychella’s analytical tools takes that into account and generates appropriate discounts and appropriate interest rates for specific markets.

Better still, adding to the long term potential, Vaycaychella noted plans to back the value of theproperties through a cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency acts as support to the portfolio valuations,much how gold used to do for the dollar. But, while the dollar has abandoned the need for a backstopand monetary policy has set up the currency for a day of reckoning, an unleveraged and dedicatedcryptocurrency for Vaycaychella could be a way to see additional appreciation in values.

It’s that combination of things that investors should focus upon. And at roughly two-cents a share, the time could be excellent to join the Vaycaychella revolution.

Fueling 2021

The bottom line is this: the app will make real estate investing an almost seamless, quick, and efficient transaction. It also opens the doors to millions of small investors that would have never dreamed of having an opportunity to own shares of property in tropical locations.

To those that may consider the app a long shot, consider this comparison. Baby boomer investors pushed away smart phones, email, social apps and online banking until the companies that developed the apps to make it possible were all fattened by hordes of cash. Now, instead of pushing technology away, the baby boomer class is recognizing opportunities and understand that an app like Vaycaychella’s may indeed have the power to disrupt an industry.

This time, though, these same investors that missed the runs in Microsoft (MSFT), Apple (AAPL), and other innovative companies of their generation can look at this penny stock opportunity and value the opportunity ahead. Moreover, investing in a company that is targeting billion dollar markets with innovative technology is a good place to consider parking some capital.

For sure, if Vaycaychella hits its $100 million revenue estimate in the next two years, investors that liked the stock at these levels could potentially own the islands for which they are investing in today. That’s how much appreciation could be at stake.

Vaycaychella should not be ignored.

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