Scooper Cleaner Removes Debris from Cat Litter Scoopers Cleanly, Efficiently

Feb 17, 2021 – Every cat owner has experienced the mess associated with cleaning the litter box when a mixture of cat litter and waste gets stuck to the scooper. The patent-pending Scooper Cleaner is developed specifically to alleviate that problem in a cleaner and more hygienic manner instead of using paper towels or a flimsy wipe.

The Scooper Cleaner was designed by cat owners, for cat owners. The creators tried a variety of traditional methods for cleaning the litter scooper they used for their own felines, only to create an even bigger mess and make the situation more untenable. They wanted a method that was efficient, saved time, provided convenience, and was easy to maintain.

The solution is the Scooper Cleaner. Created with a durable stainless-steel blade, the Scooper Cleaner is designed with teeth that fit between the tines of a cat litter scooper. The universal design works with any litter scooper to remove debris rather than smearing it like standard scrapers. It’s an effective method that replaces paper towels and other unpleasant techniques for removing debris that clings to scoopers.

The stainless-steel construction of the Scooper Cleaner means it won’t rust like standard scrapers made of metal alloys. Cleaning is a simple matter or running it under water in a utility sink or using a disinfectant wipe. The Scooper Cleaner also comes with a gel pad that you can use to stick your Scooper Cleaner anywhere you need it.

The Scooper Cleaner has a five-year warranty and the company offers free shipping within the contiguous U.S. Customers can shop with confidence and stay informed about their order every step of the way. Individuals have the option to receive updates about their order via email or text and an email is sent to confirm receipt of the order. Another email with tracking information is delivered when the order ships.

Cleaning the cat litter is a task that people undertake for the love of their feline. There’s no reason that it has to be unnecessarily messy and onerous. The durable stainless steel Scooper Cleaner is a clean, effective and more efficient way to clean the cat litter scooper.

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About Scooper Cleaner

Scooper Cleaner was born from the frustration around cleaning the cat litter scooper. The team behind Scooper Cleaner tried paper towels, rags and regular scrapers, but it just ended up creating an even bigger mess. So, they set out to design a tool to save them time. Tools should be made to get the job done right with materials that last and with ease of maintenance in mind. They are confident that the Scooper Cleaner will become an indispensable part of a person’s everyday cat litter box duties just like it has for them.

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