A Toronto Floor Company Urges Homeowners to Save Floors and the Environment

A Toronto hardwood floor refinishing company has called on homeowners to consider hardwood floor refinishing to transform their old and tired floors instead of ripping them up.

LV Hardwood Flooring said that hardwood floor refinishing is a highly skilled procedure, but it can transform a hardwood floor back to its former glory and is kinder to the environment as hardwood floors are designed for life.

A spokesman for Toronto based company said: “People are too quick to rip up tired and damaged hardwood floors and replace it with the latest modern trend. It is such a shame as they can easily breathe new life into their current hardwood floor, transform their homes and be kinder to the environment by choosing to renovate the floor rather than sending it to the refuse.

“Hardwood floors are designed to last for decades, and if looked after there is no need why they ever need to be changed. They are easy to look after. They are fantastic for people who have allergies as you don’t get lots of lingering dust. They will go with any décor – change the interior design as many times as you like. And they are built to last.

“Hardwood floor refinishing is basically a floor rejuvenation project. You sand off the top layer of the hardwood floor, apply a stain and lacquer over the existing wood. The great thing about doing this is that the stain that was previously on the wood is removed by the sanding process, so homeowners can choose a totally different color to complement the décor of the room they are renovating.

“Refinishing is definitely a job for a trained professional as it is a really skilled job to get right. It is particularly if you have a herringbone patterned wood floor as you have to preserve the special pattern,” he added.

LV Hardwood Flooring is a Toronto based business looking after homeowners across the greater Toronto area. They fit hardwood and vinyl floors, and carry out specialist repair and renovation to hardwood flooring.

The process of refinishing involves:

  • Removing all rugs and furniture
  • Hammering down any protruding nails
  • Secure any floor boards
  • Cover vents to ensure dust doesn’t get into the duct system
  • All remnants of moulding are removed from the floor
  • Then the sanding begins. There will be several rounds of sanding to remove scratches and stains
  • Dust is removed after each round of sanding
  • A small sander is used to get into corners and to do the awkward edges
  • The floor is then buffed and cleaned
  • The final steps are to apply the stain that is specially selected by the homeowner to match their décor and then a wood finish that provide a protective barrier

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LV Hardwood Flooring in Toronto fit hard wood, laminate, vinyl, chevron and herringbone wood flooring in all sorts of different shape and sized spaces. The team of highly trained experts also help owners to renovate their existing wood floors and hang wall coverings.

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