Invigo Coffee Has Recently Announced A New Measure On Meeting The Demands Of Coffee Products

A Self-isolation regime has been introduced to fight the coronavirus. Therefore, restaurants, coffee shops, and offices have closed. Giving rise to anincreasing search for a way to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee at the comfort of thehouse

Fortunately, Invigo Coffee has recently announced a new measure on meeting the demands of coffee products as well as introducing a new product to their already extensive line of coffee.

A spokesperson says, “Due to the COVID-19, there is now a recentrelease of new products that we feel can provide utmost satisfaction to our customers. We are aware that it is no longer safe for customers to sit in coffee shops. However, this does not mean that customers can’t continue to enjoy coffee-shop style espressos.”

The new Invigo Coffee capsule gives people an experience of Viennese coffee culture right in their home. At the touch of a button, a cup of freshly prepared, inspiring Invigo Coffee will give everyone a genuinely poetic experience. High-quality standards guarantee excellent taste, richness, and a perfect crema for all coffee lovers.

Capsules with selected exquisite blends are distinguished by their unique design and high functionality. Thanks to hermetically sealed packaging, which prevents air from penetrating inside, the coffee always remains fresh, retaining its original taste and aroma.

Five unique blends represent the capsule collection:

  • Invigo Coffee Boost

This coffee is full of flavor—ideal for giving an energy boost in the morning. A combination of lightly sweetened milk froth with a layer of soft aromatic espresso. The sweet taste of caramel will bean unforgettable pleasure and a boost of energy for the whole day.

  • Invigo Coffee Caramel

A classic and unique blend of 100% seed beans from South American. A perfectly balanced blend of Espresso Crema from famous volcanic soils of South America combined with the best assortment to produce a sweet blend and a delicate aftertaste.

  • Invigo Coffee Chocolate

The grand tradition of consuming chocolate and coffee dates back to the 18th century.Coffee and chocolate are some of the most unique and original flavor combinations known to humankind. Let chocolate and coffee become symbols of success and inspiration.

  • Invigo Coffee Classic

This classic is a unique blend of 100% Arabica and Asian Robusta. The assortment is complemented by a sweet mix of honey flavor, which has a balanced taste. In a word, Invigo Coffee Classic is a unique combination that allows everyone to meet a new day pleasantly and live it as productively as possible.

  • Invigo Coffee Vanilla

The aroma of coffee with vanilla sends people into a fairy tale, immersing them in an atmosphere of warmth, sweet memories, and good fantasies. Vanilla coffee is a unique drink that can win almost everyone’s heart because of its silky and smooth taste.

The variety of flavors, benefits, and origins of the Nespresso capsules allow connoisseurs to make a perfect choice all day long. All of these products can be consumed in the late evening after a heavy meal. The capsules are also compatible with all commonly available Caffitaly systems and provide easy and clean preparation within seconds.

Invigo Coffee’s representative added: Despite the lockdown, coffee capsule sales keep enjoying growing popularity globally and are now playing an essential role in various homes because we now offer customers an extra 20% off.  

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