A Look at Different Types of Ornamental Plastering

A beautiful house can help many people feel the most at peace. Sure, one can plant unique furniture and expensive paintings all over any house, but the one thing that can make a home unique is the minor details. Detail is very important, and one place where someone can incorporate it is in the plastering of any house.

What is Ornamental Plastering?

Drywall has been the common type, but experienced interior designers will know why to use plaster if one desires quality of a home’s interior. Ornamental Plastering is a decorative element that is added to walls or ceilings for those who are unaware. As the name indicates, it involves unique plaster molds and concepts. The wet plaster is poured into a mold, which is then left to set. Once the plaster forms the mold’s shape, it is then detached and applied to walls or ceilings.

Different Types of Ornamental Plastering

1. Domes

Starting with the most traditional type, domes. Domes are the perfect way to draw a guest’s eyes higher within any room. It is usually built in a large and spacious room and can be replicated in the form of miniatures as well.

2. Chair Rail

As the name indicates, these are found on chairs. It is a band of plaster at the height of a chair placed in dining rooms, etc. These plasters can be extravagant and are perfect for a royal look. Moreover, chair rails are not only decorative but can also save plastered walls from getting damaged. Woemmel Plastering in St. Louis can help any plastering project get the best plaster designs for any home.

3. Arches

Another common type known as arches. Arches are the perfect way to join two rooms without using any doors. They are also helpful in breaking up longer and narrow hallways. A keystone arch is the most basic type ever, these arches are found in many homes. These arches are usually built by people who like historical interior. It is a preference if someone wants the interior of the arch to be flat or coffered. People tend to get it done on the bases and the area surrounding the arch.

4. Fireplace Surrounds

If a home has a fireplace and the designer wants to give it even more of a fancy look, then ornamental plastering is the way to go. Combined with beautiful mantels, the plasterwork will add even more elegance and beauty to complete the beautiful ornamental look. There are reliefs found on the sides and directly above the fireplace as well.

5. Cornices

The next important item is called cornices. Cornices are also known as crown molding. They can be found at the top of furniture, windows, built-in fixtures, doorways, and other areas on the top or corners. For doorways and windows, large cornices are the more common design. Moreover, one can also get carvings done on these, which can feature animals, themes, etc. To make the basic Cornices, wet plaster is entered into a mold, and then a knife is used to create patterns.

Final Words

People are always surprised by the wonders ornamental plastering can do to the interior of any home. Woemmel Plastering will aid the designer through the process with excellent craftsmanship and utmost dedication to plastering for over the past 85+ Years.

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