Auregan, first French Singer Songwriter making Country Music

She sings her journey to Nashville, her travels across many states, and her feelings for America.

February 18, 2021 – Her voice is one of a star. In her country, France, she is the leading artist who spearheaded the New Wave of Celtic Music. Auregan headlined the largest Celtic Festivals in Europe, recording songs and signing music deals in France, but also the UK, New Zealand, and USA.

Auregan lived in Paris for more than 10 years. In 2017, she sold her music instruments, her clothes, and moved to America with a business Visa, making a full 180 life change.

Starting from scratch in the United States, she had no family, no friends. Her song “This Freedom” produced by Nashville hitmaker Jeff coplan tells the true story of her first purchase: a red Chevy pick up truck. She used it to drive across the country, feeling small Town America, meeting real-life people every step of the way. The song gets you to rediscover America through the feels of an artist breathing in her long awaited new lifestyle.

Along the road, she wrote songs. Each of them tells a piece of her story, with a French swag and an obvious, genuine love for the big and small-country America.

International artists merging into Country Music got us Keith Urban or Shania Twain. But from France, that’s a first.

As Celtic Music and Country Music have the same roots in Irish traditional songs, Auregan’s vibe perfectly fits contemporary airplay country music, with that one-of-a-kind, sexy accent that makes her unique in the genre.

Her path already crossed those of country legend and two times Grammy award Winner Billy Ray Cyrus. The late, revered producer Busbee also got to listen to Auregan’s demos after he launched Maren Morris towards her first Grammy Award.

As any other artist, Auregan is impatiently waiting to get back on stage, with big plans for 2022: releasing her first American-made music and knocking her boots on every Nashville’s Broadway stages.

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