AEDLand Offers the Highest Quality Automated External Defibrillators at the Lowest Prices

The right defibrillator, training and support can help individuals save a life.

AEDLAND assists individuals and families who need an affordable automated external defibrillator with high quality.

Even if it is not entirely needed in a home, it’s smart to own an AED as having a life-saving device such as the Philips HeartStart Home defibrillator in addition to proper training and support can help save a life. AEDs can guide the lay responder through the process of treating a victim of suspected sudden cardiac arrest, and on-site AED provides real-time guidance through step-by-step voice commands.

“I value you as a customer, that’s why it is of the highest importance to me to provide you with the safest and very best shopping experience possible when your deciding on what AED is best for you. When seconds matter most in a sudden cardiac emergency having an AED in conjunction with performing high quality CPR increases your chance of survival dramatically,” stated Tony Myers, an EMT and the owner of

AEDLAND carries several top-grade yet affordable brands on its website like the Philips HeartStart home defibrillator. It contains a kit that includes the home defibrillator device, a pre-installed battery, one set of pre-installed smart pads cartridge, the owner’s manual and a training DVD. Other brands include Cardiac Science, HeartSine, Lifepak, Philips HeartStart and Zoll.

The website also offers individual AED replacement pads like the Heartstart M5071A pads, which are designed for use in the Philips HeartStart OnSite and HS1 home defibrillator. They have specific instructions on proper placement for the lay responder.

Individuals and families should not own AEDs without a spare battery. Checking out AEDLAND’s offerings can get them the newest and most affordable units of the Heartstart Battery. They can store the spare battery to have it ready when their defibrillator is used frequently or if they need it for training purposes. devices are easy to use. In the case of Philips HeartStart Home defibrillator, it is equipped with integrated SMART Pads. After placing the SMART Pads on the bare skin of the person having a sudden cardiac arrest, they will provide feedback to the AED so that it can adapt its voice instructions to the lay responder’s actions and pace. The SMART Pads sense when the lay responder completes each step, and the system won’t announce the next step until the responder is ready. Clear prompts include additional instruction to aid understanding.

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