Chris Erthel Introduces His Advertising Hacks for Ad Creatives

The Advertising Expert On His Ten Winning Formulas For Ad Creatives.

Chris Erthel is a marketing consultant of repute with a track record of driving results for some of the world’s biggest companies. He is a solopreneur from Germany, well-versed in Facebook Performance Marketing, who studied business in Vienna and launched his first company in Barcelona. He established Meller, a sunglasses and watch company, with three friends. Using Facebook ads, he scaled Meller to a revenue of more than € 10 Mio / year within five years.

Since he achieved that level of success at his own company, he has gone on to replicate similar feats at more than 80 companies with his Facebook Performance Marketing strategies. Having worked with brands like United Nations (Sharethemeal), HelloBody, Desigual, Alpecin, and many others, Chris has established his reputation as a Facebook Performance Marketing expert.

As part of his value-driven services, Chris Erthel has put together ten formulas for ad creatives. These ten formulas, according to Chris, are the winning formulas that can bring about the desired results for just about any brand. The formulas cover everything that an ad should have with specific strategies that every brand must employ when creating their ads. Recently, at the “Ad World” Conference, he gave a speech to an audience of 17,000 people. He presented and elucidated his 10 Winning Formulas for Ad Creatives, and the feedback has been positive. Many of the audience members attested that the speech was one of the best they’ve heard from an ad expert.

Chris Erthel is also a regular speaker at big online marketing conferences like iStack and Ad Worlds. Chris is building his name to be not just another ad guru but a Facebook ads expert with a strategy that works and turns around the revenue of any company that applies his strategies. He recently helped Skincare Company, HelloBody scale, to more than a revenue of € 100 Mio Revenue / Year through his FB Performance Marketing strategy.

The following are Chris Erthel’s ten winning formulas:

1) Have an element of surprise in a video ad within the first second. Every ad needs to grab the audience’s attention right away.

2) Use a frame/border around ad videos to give the video a different look from regular social media posts.

3) Use discounts to entice buyers. A limited-time offer for a particular season or holiday always works effectively.

4) Use the pitch-play-plunge strategy, which involves using different video lengths to promote a product. Pitch ads are usually between 4 and 10 seconds while play ads showcase products in a fun way, and plunge ads explain the product’s value.

5) Use the heartbeat method. Focus on shifts and changes within the video ad for every 1.5 seconds in order to resemble the rhythm of the heartbeat.

6) Use the top corner kick. This involves showing a picture in the video ad first and then folding the corner of the video like a book, which is usually unexpected by the audience. Chris says this trick leads to a 3.5% click-through-rate.

7) Show social proof to prove that the brand is not completely brand-new and that it’s already established in the market.

8) Put a bold statement at the beginning of a video ad that highlights one of the product’s features.

9) Use customer testimonials combined with the bold statement to give prospective customers a sense of security.

10) Subtitling is another tip that ad creatives can implement in their ads to reach audiences that often turn off their audio when watching ads.

Chris hopes to work with companies like Google, Nike, Tesla, and Apple sometime in the future. Chris’s 10 Winning Formulas for Ad Creatives continue to score landmark approval points with many ad marketers, and that has only encouraged Chris to do more and grow his brand.

Learn more about Chris Erthel on his Instagram page or visit his official website.

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