How Companies Are Integrating Their Mission Into Their Products

Los Angeles, California – February 19, 2020 – Some companies view their mission statement as little more than a value-add for their product marketing and may have little or no intention of operating in full accordance with the mission they set for themselves.  In the space of home safety products in particular, there are numerous huxters who tout the virtues of designing products with safety in mind, but do not go the extra mile to ensure their products truly make a difference when it comes to protecting customers’ loved ones, and property.

When this marketing facade is peeled back, many of these supposedly safety-centric companies  produce overpriced  or dysfunctional  products that negate the vision they set for themselves in their mission. Fortunately, there are companies who legitimately integrate their mission of providing the public with innovative and reliable home safety products into every aspect of their operations.

Boundery™ – Quality, Reliability, and Eco-Friendliness

One such company is Boundery™: an innovative and tech-focused California company producing some of the most advanced  lighting solutions on the market.

According to their mission statement, Boundery™ strives to “brighten lives one innovative product at a time.” Their primary objective is to improve safety and security. However, their products are also affordable and environmentally friendly illumination products that customers can rely on to keep their property and loved ones safe. Boundery’s top-tier illumination products serve a variety of home safety functions and provide customers with greater peace of mind.

Effective & Practical Products with Safety in Mind

One of Boundery’s innovative products is the  EBULB™ Emergency Power LED Light Bulb.   Built with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery in its base, this  product automatically activates when a power outage occurs and can maintain a charge for up to six hours without electricity.

The home safety benefits of this feature are likely evident to many people who have experienced a power outage in their home. From illuminating medicine cabinets so medications are not mistakenly used, to preventing family members from harming themselves on stairs or furniture, or simply providing a sense of security in what may otherwise be a stressful circumstance, using EBULB™ Emergency Power LED Light Bulb makes homes safer. This is just one of the many innovative and novel features of this product. It provides as much light as a 60 watt incandescent bulb while using only 9 watts, a fraction of the energy of regular bulbs,which helps both, the environment and consumers’ electricity bills.

Features like this demonstrate how Boundery™ integrates its mission statement into every product they offer. Boundery’s perspective is that homeowners who proactively seek to improve the safety of their family and property are everyday heroes who deserve a quality product they can rely on, regardless of the emergency or safety concern at hand. Incorporating the safety aspect of the bulb as noted above provides support for the lives Boundery™ supports.

Why Mission Matters

Why does this matter? Mission statements are intended to signal a company’s values and vision. Despite this, many companies do not operate in accordance with the values and vision established in their mission statement, and as a consequence, many consumers become disillusioned with misleading business copy and promises to do better.

When a company’s mission is truthfully followed in their operations and products, customer loyalty is a natural result. Consumers are flocking to Boundery™ and companies like it because they value a company that holds true to its mission statement and successfully marries its goals with its production processes, products, marketing and culture.

Boundery™ is a team of inventors, innovators, and storytellers focused on protecting property and loved ones – at down to earth prices.

Boundery’s mission is to shine a spotlight on the world’s smartest (affordable!) safety gadgets guaranteed to defend against danger, help prepare for adventure, and give homes the legendary look they deserve.

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