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The recent pandemic has redefined certain day-to-day activities like schooling, nature of work, etc. To spell out the pros, it has given way to more flexibility and innovation. Homeschooling and work from home are the new normal. To leverage this opportunity, parents around the globe, are looking for new ways of educating their child while sitting at home and Online Tutoring is one of them. MittHub offers a world-class tutor training programme to those who are keen to become an online Montessori tutor.

Montessori Initial Tutor Training Hub (Mitt Hub) is an online, Montessori tutor training platform. Mitt Hub is accredited by CPD — an international leading certification service which is known for appraising educational and training programmes that conform to the highest standards. Mitt Hub hosts a renowned Montessori Partnership Programme whereby it trains the participants about child pedagogies to make them understand about the learning pattern of children with respect to the children’s background, needs, intellectual level, so on and so forth.

Here is more about MITT. MITT is an online learning course that focuses on learning by doing methodology, that is, it focuses on live training as well as practice. Rest assured, this best tutor training programme equips the learners with the best roles and training that they would need to pursue their role as an online tutor. The online learning module is spread over seven days with almost a 50:50 time allocation for video tutorials and self study/practice. Holistically, this module covers aspects pertaining to child learning and cognitive science, understanding of the social curriculum, designing Montessori lessons in an artistic and creative way to gauge more attention of the students and most importantly a quick know-how of Mitt Hub’s trademark format to prepare lessons, also referred to as the “Golden Format.”

Mitt Hub ensures that it provides end to end support to its participants until they become an expert online tutor. For this, they offer a three-day Live Online Training and Practice sessions which the participants can book once they have completed the mandatory online learning module. These sessions particularly focus on practice-practice of delivery which is a MUST.

In addition to the opportunity it offers to the individuals looking for part-time tutor jobs to make a side income, associating oneself with Mitt Hub yields further benefits. Firstly, being part of Mitt Hub’s online platform can provide a profile boost since Mitt Hub is ranked on top on the leading search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Another amazing benefit is that upon completion of Mitt, one can use Mitt Hub’s logo as well as design on Social Media to boost profile search and get just the right endorsement.

And this just a few of the many benefits of being part of Mitt Hub. Do not think twice as this program is very affordable against the world-class training it provides.

About the Company:

Mitt Hub is an online tutor training programme. It coaches participants on necessary elements of child learning whilst focusing on tutoring techniques for Maths, English and Science using the world renowned Montessori Method.

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