Mike Barron Launches Closing Academy Helping Sales Closers Get Certified and Start Closing Million Dollars Deals

Students get lessons from a team of award-winning sales closing experts. There is an opportunity to earn revenue through their staffing services

Mike Barron, master of million-dollar sales closing and high ticket selling, is proud to announce Mike Barron’s Closing Academy. The program is designed to help those that want to be sales “Closers” certified through education and technology.  

Students will learn the secrets and rudimental knowledge on how to close million-dollar deals and change their sales career forever. The practical class is taught by a team of high profile sales experts who have distinguished themselves in their career.  

Recently, Mike just launched staffing services in which he “place” closers on a location and earn revenue share for each new deal closed. His team has also recently launched a new senior-level Closer Program called “Closer Agency” in which they teach closers how to start their own closing firm and scale. 

To learn more, please visit here.  

When it comes to high ticket sales closing, there is always a winning strategy to apply. Unfortunately, most salespeople out there don’t have the right knowledge to close million-dollar deals. Information is power and the knowledge it gives has the ability to transform lives and careers.  

Mike Barron has created this program as a way of giving back to the world and to liberate thousands of people who are still struggling with making sales. Mike is among the top 1% of all marketers & funnel experts in the world. He achieved that feat through a commitment to his career, hard work, and determination to succeed. But life has not always been fair to Mike as he had a challenging childhood.  

Mike was born to a drug dealer father and 16 years old mom and lived most of his teens and 20s on the streets. After meeting his wife Diana and becoming a father at 26, Mike’s life took a dramatic and interesting turn. He made a life-changing decision that later led him to establish and manage a marketing agency. He helped gyms, media agencies, fitness professionals, and other businesses launch and execute successful marketing campaigns.  

Creating Mike Barron’s Closing Academy in August 2020 marked the epitome of his career as it allowed him to help his many students learn his skills and strategy and replicate it for success in their sales careers. So far, the lessons are paying off as students have earned millions in sales and the success has shattered sales records over the last six years. 

With this course, Mike is determined to produce hundreds of million-dollar sales closing entrepreneur. All they have to do is pay attention to his guidance and apply the principles in their daily activities.  

For more information, please visit https://www.themikebarron.com/homepage.  

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