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Dimas Cintron – Finding Hope in the Midst of Tragedy

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Dimas Cintron – Finding Hope in the Midst of Tragedy

February 22
13:18 2021
Understanding that no footprint is too small to leave an impact in this world.

The trauma of cancer is one of those dark equalizers that seems to trouble so many in some way. While an enormous amount may have been affected by its impact on families, communities, and societies – but nothing quite prepares loved ones for when it strikes close to home. Dimas Cintron, a semi-pro basketball player turned musician, author and advocate turns that experience into a force for good – by radically transforming his grief into a light of hope that he shares with others in similar situations.

When he lost his son Armani, his whole world fell apart. He went through the same rapid re-alignment of priorities that anyone who has lost a child faces – nothing else seems to matter anymore. It can be (and often is) an overwhelming process. It’s a long and slow road to healing that is paved with obstacles that many individuals can’t even begin to imagine.

What’s beautiful about Cintron’s story is that as he emerged from the darkness, he was determined to turn the experience into something that could help others. He walked that lonely road to cope with this unforeseen tragedy and he knew that his journey could ease someone else’s load. That’s where his debut book was born.

No Footprint is Too Small’ is a raw and unfiltered look at what it takes to heal from the loss of a child to cancer. It’s based entirely on his own life experience and aims to help people who are going through a similar phase and are looking for some light at the end of the tunnel. The book ebbs and flows, dripping with emotion, and it brings to light so many of the difficult conversations, internal monologues, and honest discoveries that litter the path to healing. But it also acts as a shining light of inspiration, as it details Cintron’s development and his determination to turn his story into one of redemption. As memoirs go, this is pure gold – a story that will speak to the very depths of someone’s soul.

On the back of the book’s success, Cintron has also begun to release original music that seeks to spread his message of hope and awareness far and wide. His lyrics hold so much depth that they seem to peal ears back and speak directly to the human spirit itself. He brings his storytelling to life in a way that can transport those through the emotion he felt, forcing many to reflect on their own life. It’s the mark of music that can make a difference.

The book and the music are just two ways that he is trying to make a difference in the world. His story is helping people from all backgrounds to cope with the damage that cancer leaves behind. In times when so many are suffering, Cintron’s work is a beacon of hope. It’s a north star to aspire towards when things seem hopeless.

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