Blue Ridge Solutions Shares How Automating Performance Starts with Demand and Inventory Forecasting

Blue Ridge Solutions Shares How Automating Performance Starts with Demand and Inventory Forecasting

Blue Ridge, the leading platform blending supply chain planning and pricing solutions created for resiliency was recently published in Robotics & Automation News magazine. Mike Mills, Director, Business Consulting at Blue Ridge discussed how the use of supply chain planning software, coupled with price optimization, better demand forecasting, and integrated business-planning technology improve agility and margins for distributors, retailers and manufacturers. Read the full article here

Mills shared, “The ability to compete in new areas with this level of agility will be the key to unraveling chaos. As e-commerce continues to threaten the market with competitive products that are available nearly instantly, shifting consumer trends can make stocking shelves even more challenging. Automation has become a full imperative; COVID has magnified the need.” 

According to Mills, companies with better data and predictions control the business most effectively. Helping companies focus on proactive planning, rather than reacting to economic trends is a critical shift. Consumer demand metrics and improved supply chain analytics can also offer insights where additional costs are incurred and managed.

Robotics & Automation News, established in 2015, is one of the most widely read industrial publications globally.

About Blue Ridge

Achieving a resilient supply chain sits at the intersection of demand, price and inventory – where a company’s customers, suppliers and their operations meet. Blue Ridge blends the disciplines of supply chain demand planning and pricing together under a fully configurable, cloud-based platform. Highly digital operations in today’s dynamic market generate a need for game-changing, decision-driving data metrics. No longer can “gut-instinct” guesses survive. 

The Blue Ridge planning and pricing platform gives business leaders app simplicity that uniquely integrates data science-rich inventory forecasting capabilities with price optimization insights. From modeling, right-sizing inventory and transparency, Blue Ridge bases success off increases in customer profitability and service levels. Through automation, expert consulting, analytics and synchronization, Blue Ridge offers an easy ramp-up and continuous value to guarantee resiliency. 

Blue Ridge empowers Wholesale Distributors, Specialty Retailers and Discrete Manufacturers with the capability to adapt to market, product and competitive challenges by efficiently and effectively managing an ever-volatile supply chain.

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