pz-m new face mask to maintain health

“You must wear a mask when you go out.” This sentence has become a must-have for communication between people. Since the whole people have overcome the difficulties of last year’s epidemic, masks have become an indispensable thing in current life.

Masks were invented at the beginning of the 13th century. The reason for their existence is not only to prevent epidemics: they can filter the air entering the mouth and nose to block harmful gases, odors, droplets, viruses and other substances. It is also constantly updating and evolving in accordance with the development of the times. Today, the role and function of masks have become more comprehensive.

Recently, Hefei Xinguanghe Health Consulting Co., Ltd. developed a new type of mask-pz-m, which has antiseptic and antitoxic effects and has been patented. New masks are different from conventional masks. Conventional masks filter dust and viruses for protection and are passive protection. The new type of mask has both the passive protection of conventional masks and the active protection, which brings the protection of masks to a higher level.

Where does proactive protection come from? First of all, there is some structural difference between this new pz-m mask and other protective masks: the new mask is composed of two pieces, with three layers on the outer piece, with melt blown cloth in the middle, and the melt blown cloth filtration rate is 95+ %; The inner sheet has two layers of white non-woven fabric (in contact with the face), the non-woven fabric is a double S type, and the new type of mask has five layers, strong filtration and qualified air permeability.

The purpose of the research and development of the new pz-m mask is to protect against respiratory infectious viruses.

The new type of masks are filled with garlic, onion, and ginger. These substances are very common in daily life and seem very common, but do not underestimate these substances. Garlic and onion grow in nature without pests. This is because garlic and onion contain bactericidal and poisonous substances. Ginger has a pungent temperature and non-toxicity, it belongs to the five internal organs, benefits the spleen and stomach, eliminates wind, cold and heat, typhoid fever, headache and nasal congestion. The new type of mask uses garlic, onion, and ginger to have the characteristics of sterilization and anti-toxicity to improve the protective performance of the mask. Garlic, onion, and ginger are commonly used food materials. These substances have the functions of sterilization and poisoning, but they are non-toxic, and the new type of masks only use the smell of these substances for sterilization and poisoning, and does not involve food. Therefore, they are safer.

At present, there are virus inactivating masks on the market, but this type of mask can only be inactivated by the virus on the mask. When the user is infected with the virus, this type of mask is powerless for the patient. The new type of mask developed by Hefei Xinguanghe Health Consulting Co., Ltd. uses the smell of bactericidal and antitoxic substances to enter the mouth and respiratory tract to inactivate viruses. Therefore, the new type of mask not only can inactivate viruses on the mask, but more importantly, the user has already Virus infection can play a good role in prevention and treatment. The new mask has strong protection ability and good effect.

Although the new type of mask has strong prevention and control capabilities, the virus inactivation does not enter the human circulatory system. Therefore, when the condition is severe, the use of the new type of mask while receiving drug treatment is particularly effective.

The effectiveness of the new masks has been tested by legal institutions, and the results of inactivation tests on cold viruses and new coronaviruses have been shown to be effective.

After about a year of research and development and trials of the new mask, it has been verified that it has a good protective effect against colds, and no obvious adverse reactions have been seen. If the cold is serious, taking medicine will not work. Even if the cold is about to heal, there will be nasal congestion, cough, and thick phlegm. If you have a cold, use a new type of mask. The symptoms of the cold will get better in one day, and the cold will get better soon. When you get better, you will not be prone to nasal congestion, cough, and thick phlegm.

The new type of mask is not only in terms of “protection”, but has reached the “treatment” effect. The successful development of the new type of mask is an expansion and improvement of the scope and function of the mask.

The new type of mask can not only be used as usual protective equipment, but more importantly, the new type of mask has the effect of sterilization and poisoning, and has a protective effect on respiratory infectious diseases. Therefore, there is reason to believe that this new type of mask will become a household protective equipment.

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