New Appliances May Require Dedicated Circuits to Work Properly

New Appliances May Require Dedicated Circuits to Work Properly

Dedicated electrical circuits are used to provide power to a single electrical fixture or appliance. This is something that is required by the National Electrical Code for specific critical-use appliances, along with some fixed appliances. When S.E. Electrical Services, Inc installs a dedicated circuit, it means that no other lights, fixtures, appliances, or outlets will be served by it.

In most cases, a dedicated circuit is used for an appliance that has a motor. This is done to make sure that there is sufficient power for the start-up load and to ensure the appliance can perform at peak levels of efficiency. Even more importantly, a dedicated circuit will help to prevent cases of circuit overload.

Preventing an Overload

If there is more than one appliance being served by a single circuit, there is the possibility that the appliances will draw more power than what the circuit can handle, according to The result is a tripped fuse or circuit breaker.

This is an issue that often occurs in some older homes. Especially if the breaker panel is one that was originally installed in the house. A few decades ago, the National Electrical Code did not anticipate so many appliances requiring high levels of power.

There are several appliances with motors in the kitchen, including can openers, garbage disposers, mixers, and more. Some appliances heat things up – electric grills, pizza ovens, toasters, etc. These are the types of appliances that use a lot of power. For example, if someone uses a pizza oven and a toaster on the same circuit breaker, the circuit may be overloaded, which will cause it to trip. If a dedicated circuit is needed for these appliances, the professionals from should be called. They can provide the installation needs for the home.

Requirements from the National Electrical Code

According to information from the National Electrical Code, it is necessary for any device or appliance dedicated as a critical-use item to be served by a dedicated circuit. This will help eliminate the possibility of another appliance or a different device causing the breaker to trip or shut down the critical fixture.

Some of the home’s critical appliances include sump pumps, refrigerators, water heaters, and furnaces. If a breaker trips and a homeowner does not realize it, they may wind up with no hot water, a cold house, flooded basement, or refrigerator that is full of spoiled food.

Appliances That Necessitate Dedicated Circuits

Some appliances should have a dedicated circuit. These include an electric range, freezer, refrigerator, dryer, washer, furnace, and electric water heater. If a homeowner is unsure if the proper number or type of dedicated circuits are in place, it is good to get in touch with the professionals. They can provide a full inspection of the electrical system and help ensure the desired results are achieved. With the right dedicated circuits installed, issues can be avoided that may cause breakdowns and malfunctions with necessary home appliances. Being informed will minimize more serious electrical issues that may arise. 

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