Human Resources Procedure Checklist and ISO 9001 Procedures for Businesses that Desire an Empowered and Effective H.R. Department

Human Resources Procedure Checklist and ISO 9001 Procedures for Businesses that Desire an Empowered and Effective H.R. Department
ISO 9001 Checklist has published a detailed human resources procedure checklist for organizations that wish to streamline the working of the H.R. department. The template also elaborates on procedures and processes that must be documented for ISO 9001 certification.

According to announcements released by ISO 9001 Checklist and Richard Keen, the human resources procedure checklist published on the website intends to inform SMBs and corporates about the steps to take to obtain ISO 9001 certification or create a thorough documentation of processes and procedures to enable the smooth working of H.R. functions. It is a valuable document for businesses setting up a new H.R. department and are not attempting to gain ISO 9001 certification. 

The contents of the human resources procedure template on the Endeavour Technical Limited website include human resources procedure, control of human resources & competence process activity map, competency matrix, human resources & competence process map, attendance list, departmental competence matrix, employee competence assessment, employee induction checklist, job description, training evaluation, and training needs analysis.

According to sources, human resources (H.R.), a critical business function that can contribute significantly to the top line and bottom line, deserves systematic documentation of processes and procedures. 

ISO 9001 Checklist elaborates on vital H.R. functions. Businesses that refer to the H.R procedure checklist will better understand how responsibilities are distributed among H.R. employees to enable maximum fulfillment of these functions. 

This detailed checklist is of particular value in understanding the role of training and having a training plan ready for new personnel, including the temporary staff. 

Human resource procedures templates developed by ISO 9001 Checklist can easily be customized to create quality documentation. These scalable templates can be used for businesses across different industries and sectors. 

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Richard Keen of ISO 9001 Checklist said, “I was born in the U.K and lived in Buckinghamshire. I am the co-founder and Compliance Director of Endeavour Technical Limited. With over 20 years of practical experience in Quality Management, I share my knowledge writing and developing ISO templates for ISO 9001 Checklist. 

The templates on this website are written in International English. They are fully editable M.S. Word or Excel files compatible with Google Docs and Apple Pages.

Offering advice on the right way for SMBs and corporations to achieve ISO 9001 certification, Keen said, “Our ISO Auditors and Quality Manager Trainers have been in this industry for years, and since 2002 we’ve been providing thousands of small businesses and large corporations with the tools they need to get certified.

Instead of trying to create everything you need to follow this process from scratch, use ours. We have procedures, templates, checklists, process maps, forms, and gap analysis tools to help you control your documented information without missing a single input or output.

Before you invest all the hours reinventing the wheel, before you spend countless dollars outsourcing the task — try our templates.

Used by organizations worldwide, our templates have been successfully audited and certified by Registrars & Certification Bodies such as UKAS, DNV, Lloyds Register, BSI, DNV. BM Trada, LRQA, as well as hundreds of independent external auditors.”

About the Company:

ISO 9001 Checklist develops templates for documentation for ISO certifications. These templates have been proven to work. ISO auditors and quality manager trainers write them. Businesses can obtain templates for document control, auditing, and quality manuals.

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