Andrew’s Method Paves the Way for Aspirants in the Trucking Industry

Andrew’s Method Paves the Way for Aspirants in the Trucking Industry

No one understands how significant growth can be more than those who underwent formative experiences and emerged as stronger and better versions of themselves. Every survivor, regardless of the discomfort they have gone through, can shed light on what it takes to get from ground zero to where they are in life right now. In the case of Andrew Higgins, founder of Andrew’s Method, he showed how survivors like him could become the most credible sources of insight, motivation, and guidance.

On a mission to make a meaningful impact on the business landscape, rising entrepreneur Andrew Higgins stands as an icon of courage and resilience who has stood out in the trucking industry for his story of hustling and thriving. This go-getter banks on his previous harrowing experiences to help aspiring individuals who have lived through challenging circumstances. As a result, he created Andrew’s Method. Standing at the helm of his brainchild, he uses his entrepreneurial flair to inspire others and compel them to develop a life of strength and purpose.

After a decade of being in the trucking business, Andrew Higgins decided to take his dreams to greater heights. Immensely fueled by the desire to expand his horizons, he combined his business acumen with his penchant for writing and came up with a 30-chapter trucking business guide to assist willing and dedicated owner-operators in the industry. Through his written work, “How to be Successful in Trucking,” he serves as the much-needed voice for those intending to kick off any venture in the trucking world.

“After all these years, I still love the trucking business. I am glad I finally had enough time to sit down and incorporate everything I learned into a book,” Andrew Higgins shared in an interview. “I never thought my ambition would turn into more than a thousand-page trucking ebook guide,” he added.

Andrew Higgins wrote and designed the entire project through his diligent efforts. Although he never underwent any formal training as an author, he refused to let anything get in the way of his endeavors. By sticking to what he started, Andrew was able to prove that anything is possible for those who set their hearts and minds into their endeavors and pursuits. For this reason, he successfully came up with his recent piece, “How to be Successful in Trucking,” which is currently being offered for only $27 at 

After gaining recognition for earning great reviews, Andrew Higgins’ book started to break the big and invisible barrier standing in the way of those trying to obtain and learn usable, understandable, and practical information about the trucking business. According to the author himself, he strived to make his literary piece affordable and easy to read so that the truckers of tomorrow will not have to endure the unnecessary hardships and detours he experienced back then. 

Looking back at everything he accomplished, Andrew Higgins is glad to have come across mentors who guided and catapulted him in the right direction. For this reason, he addressed himself to the challenge of becoming the same impactful model in others’ lives. Through his book, he is able to send across his powerful message about growth. “The key is to look for the good in yourself and in others. Don’t be afraid to conduct a self-audit and call yourself out if you need to,” the author explained.

Andrew Higgins has made a reputation for himself in the trucking industry for the courage, grit, and determination he exhibited throughout his journey. In the coming years, he hopes to continue being a reliable and trustworthy figure that aspiring operators and owners in the business can count on for wisdom and advice.

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