SwyftScripts’ Consolidated Virtual Pharmacy Promises Safe, Convenient Medication Delivery

The future of healthcare is on-demand solutions to patients’ needs.

SwyftScripts pharmacy app offers patients the ultimate prescription experience and free medication delivery. The app cuts out the outdated pharmacy hassle of dropping off prescriptions, waiting hours or days for them to be filled and waiting in lines. It eliminates the stress of the whole process and improves the customers’ well-being and swift recovery.

“At SwyftScripts, we believe that your health should always be in your hands. That’s why we created a platform to empower people across the nation to take control of their health on their own terms. We work to connect people with the highest level of care on-demand and support local businesses at the same time,” stated Shuja Abbasi, Chief Strategy Officer.

SwyftScripts is user-friendly and offers many useful features for patients, including prescription delivery, shopping, order tracking, one-hour delivery, medication reminders and virtual pharmacist. With every transaction, the app will give patients the details of the partnered pharmacy nearest them, send the prescription to the selected pharmacy and deliver the medication for free directly to the patients’ homes. SwyftScripts is built on a rigorously encrypted platform that exceeds federal HIPAA requirements and takes every precaution to safeguard the patients’ private information.

“My grandparents are older, and we were really worried about them leaving the house to get their medications. We finally got our peace of mind when SwyftScripts came into the picture. We transferred all of our grandparents’ medications, and it was very easy and completely free. It’s a life-changer for us,” stated Crystal Sanchez, a satisfied customer.

The pharmacy app supports and empowers local pharmacies by allowing them to efficiently attend to the care of the community while simultaneously growing their business. SwyftScripts is currently available in Houston, Texas, but is aiming to serve all 50 states.

SwyftScripts is a service line of Prestige Health Solutions, a healthcare technology solutions and managed services provider that is dedicated to revolutionizing the industry by creating solutions to modern-day issues in healthcare.

“With all the advancements in healthcare innovation, we believe we are long overdue for changes in our medical system”, said Yasser Almuaala, the company’s founder and CEO. “Houston, TX is the home of the most progressive medical center known to man. People are flying in from around the world to be treated for medical conditions in our great country, yet our own communities are finding it more difficult to receive care, whether due to coverage or cost or time. We are determined to change that, one piece at a time. SwyftScripts is the first step in that journey.”

The company aims to create a new healthcare environment where health is in the patients’ hands through virtual care and on-demand solutions. It is developing promising projects in the healthcare technology space following the successful launch of SwyftScripts.

More information can be found at https://www.swyftscripts.com.

About SwyftScripts

SwyftScripts is a pharmacy platform developed by a group of healthcare professionals who wanted to change the standard of excellence and convenience in healthcare.

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