Caregiver Support Services offers support and resources for professional caregivers

Caregiver Support Services is a nonprofit organization that provides a myriad of custom-designed training solutions, helping caregivers increase their knowledge and perform better at their jobs.

Omaha, NE, United States – There is no doubt that the pandemic has adversely affected every business on an economic front, especially the ones that were heavily dependent on person-to-person contact. It has taken a lot of strength, courage, and resources for businesses and institutions to frame themselves according to the new laws and regulations as dictated by the global situation.

Before the current pandemic situation, Caregiver Support Services used to offer in-person caregiver training in the form of a nursing assistant and medication aid training. Through their in-person Nursing Assistant and Medication Aide Program, they have trained over 2,000 caregivers. As they tirelessly work to improve and enhance their company and to help caregivers from all over the world, their courses are now available online.

With their online programs, Caregiver Support Services wishes to see people learn and grow as caregivers, reaching new levels of quality care for all patients in need. They are offering three foundational courses that they believe will be of great benefit to family and frontline caregivers. The courses can be found on their new online training center platform, and each course includes training videos, training booklets, downloadable infographics, and a practice test with access on demand that caregivers can use anywhere, anytime. Caregiver Support Services Training includes:

  • Normal Aging
  • Preventing the Spread of Infection
  • Preventing Dependent Adult Abuse

The courses offered can also be used for caregiver training for companies. Employers can easily bundle these courses and provide them to their families and frontline caregivers. Training is a vital component of reducing caregiver stress and improving job satisfaction. Trained caregivers are more confident, feel better supported, and are less likely to leave their jobs which also indirectly impacts their relationships with the people that they are looking after. A confident caregiver can make their client feel better compared to a caregiver who is unsure about his tasks and overall roles.

The core mission of Caregiver Support Services is to help individuals become great caregivers for the people and patients around them. It takes a well-integrated team of people to help others and find solutions for the betterment of the community. The leadership team understands that health can sometimes be stressful, but with the right support system and focused knowledge, offering care to those in need can be a rewarding experience.

With Caregiver Support Services, no caregiver is ever alone in their journey to assist. They have worked with national organizations to create the best solutions for each individual. The team at the company comments, “Caregivers are a blessing to our health system, and they deserve the right learning aids to nurture confidence for their caregiving situation. With our resources, caregivers can find the answers they seek to help loved ones and patients throughout their life’s journey.”

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