Glowy Solutions Inc. – An Online Beauty Service Provider

Online beauty services are a new prospect and a big project in a changing market.

Michigan, USA – Getting an appointment at a local hair or nail salon is no less than a headache most of the time. Either the customers do not get the ideal appointment time, or they have to sit in the waiting area for hours. A lot of the time, there are better offers in other salons, but most of the customers remain uninformed of them and waste their precious time by sitting idly in a busy and luxurious beauty salon. An online spa and salon booking platform is the best possible solution to get rid of such difficulties. Glowy Solutions Inc. is a platform where makeup artists, nail artists, hairstylists, and all other beauty service providers, find their new clients. The clients can search by various criteria and find the right match of the beauty service provider for the kind of service they require in a nail or hair salon.

Beauty service providers can use Glowy Solutions Inc. to schedule appointments and manage their bookings. It is a free app designed and developed for the sole purpose of providing clients who require beauty services with the best nail and hair salons. Glowy Solutions Inc. is a terrific opportunity for freelance makeup artists, hairstylists, nail artists, and all other beauty service providers to approach their clients.

Glowy Solutions Inc. can modernize the way service providers manage their bookings. It can help the providers build and manage their client lists and offer an easy way of communication with the customers. It also ensures a hassle-free and relaxing appointment for the clients. Service providers can invite their customers by posting a link on social media without releasing any personal details like phone numbers, emails, etc. Clients will be re-directed to the app once they click on the link and, the Service Provider will be added to their favorites list automatically. Service Providers will see the newly added clients in their “Client List”. In this way, adding clients can become simple and secure by this on-demand beauty service provider platform.

Glowy Solutions Inc. is considered to be the UBER for all beauty needs. Clients can find rated and reviewed makeup artists, hairstylists, or any beauty service providers in their area instantly. Clients will no longer need to go to a salon and wait in long lines just to get an appointment. Glowy Solutions Inc. will change the way clients and beauty service providers connect with each other.  It is the perfect opportunity for brides to get last-minute touchups without hassle.

This app is fully featured and free. It instantly notifies the users and provides easy management. Clients can search for service providers and place a booking instantly with the help of this profile. It provides a comprehensive profile setup with deposit, payment, travel preference information. The best part about Glowy Solutions Inc. is that the customers’ booking data is always available from any device.

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